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  1. New songs posted on youtube

    'With a pack of wild strangers' is what I heard, though my hearing is not what it was.....
  2. New songs posted on youtube

    I had the privilege of chatting with Sergio and his sister while waiting for the doors to open; another reason why I was glad I went..
  3. New songs posted on youtube

    They are also under the Irving Plaza link on the forum, but the more publicity the better....
  4. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    I loved both new songs and also Chelsea Hotel and Lucky Penny.. they are posted on You Tube (dig Regina's greeting!)
  5. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    If anyone wants to meet up, send me a private message or email me at robertaxel6 @
  6. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    I can hopefully get some photos; don't plan to be recording. With any luck there should be something recorded that will be posted on YouTube or somewhere else after...
  7. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    Got my VIP, ticket yay... which includes a party after the show! I did a bit of research online and it seems that if you get the VIP tickets you can either sit eithers or at least there is a railing to lean against....
  8. Irving Plaza - 19 November 2014

    Thanks so much for this, I am thinking of attending
  9. Love Me or Leave Me

    I hear more Billie Holiday (another Regina influence) in the interpretation...(high praise indeed)... and yes, an album of standards would be a lovely idea..
  10. Regina is everywhere

    Here it is!.. . Regi's new song from Boardwalk Empire... better even I would have hoped.. as the article says she could have been a singing sensation in any decade.. You know she would look fabulous in a flapper outfit!
  11. pictures and videos of interest...

    From Regi's concert at Leeds..
  12. Regina is everywhere

    Regina posted on her Facebook page on her presentation this evening..
  13. Regina is everywhere

    I wish I had the new track available, but Billie Holiday is the best choice to hear the song, I guess (especially since Regina had cited Billie as a big influence)
  14. "Stupid Things" by Sarah Dooley

    Gwen does seem to share Regi's affinity for red lipstick, not sure I see more resemblance than that, though.. I admit that I am not a fan of shows like The Voice, as the concept of 'instant stardom' bothers me. There are incredibly talented artists (Regina for one) who have had to pay their dues for years, while bombastic over singers get instant celebrity.. My rant for today
  15. Regina is everywhere

    Regina is scheduled to be one of the presenters at the TJ Martell Foundation NY Honors Gala, October 21
  16. pictures and videos of interest...

    Nice drawing of Regina from tumblr:
  17. Regina is everywhere

    Nice mention of Chemo Limo here:
  18. The New Record

    Speaking of Blue Lips, this may be my favorite version. The song is well served by strings and no drums, and the high audio and video quality certainly help. Regina's singing and playing remain the highlight, and the strings add just enough color (no pun intended)
  19. The New Record

    I like the remake of Ne Me Quitte Pas, and it is lots of fun live. The video is very entertaining as well, and Regina lets her imagination run loose....
  20. post your favorite photos of regina

    Julian Casablancas and Regina Spektor recording Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men at Bear Creek Studio - source: Gordon Raphael
  21. pictures and videos of interest...

    Regina again shows she is queen of cool; from her twitter feed:
  22. pictures and videos of interest...

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but it bears repeating... Regina does a lovely version of Dylan's 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue', the sound and video is not the best, but's it's still Regi...
  23. Regina is everywhere

    Happy anniversary Regi!