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  1. Regina nominated for MTV music video awards!!

    quote: Originally posted by savannahspektor: I was looking on youtube when i found this out (not on facebook) and people were saying that they don't want it to win because they don't want her to become really mainstream and have everyone know her amazing talent! haha. Ah, awards bring out the hipsters in some fans, I see. Well, more power to her, at least she's getting some recognition.
  2. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light" -The Call "Imitate a mass of white that hangs in the sky"
  3. regina lyric chain game!

    It's just like in the movies, I eat from the trees. -Just Like in the Movies
  4. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "And the genius next door was sleeping, Dreaming that the antidote was orgasm" -Genius Next Door "I possess a distressing emotion that a particular thing about the Earth has gone awry."
  5. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "It's surprising how little's on the ground, Considering we walk around, And lose and lose what's never found." -Soho ----- "Person who I hold so dear to my heart, release yourself of the woman's grasping mechanism."
  6. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "In the distance I hear Shakespeare mumbling." - The Virgin Queen (another underrated song!) ---- You who blame the ones close to mortality of failure to tell the truth, could not distinguish crocodile tears from genuine tears. (this might be tough, so I'll give a hint: it's a live-only song.)
  7. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "You'll be to blame for playing this game and knowing that true love exists." - Patron Saint (SUCH A GOOD SONG ) ---- "Positive, this group of people hold on to the knowledge that this will pass by, and positive, they know that the Big Applesauce will warm its ice off."
  8. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    "Heaven help the ones who know what makes the world go slow" - Riot Gear (such an underrated tune) ----- "And a series of events that has yet to happen, it is in this place, it is of luminous quality, it is at the present time."
  9. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    Is it, "How can I forget your love?" from How? (And yes, 100th post party please! ) In case I got that right... "I am bringing with me an instrument of cutlery to leaves of paper bound together of which I claim ownership to."
  10. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    Bumping because THIS IS A GLORIOUS THREAD. And a glorious game to boot. quote: Originally posted by Kateateyou:He never accepted your apology, he's so ill-natured. He's so vindictive and so very horrifying. He never forgave you; he's so very spiteful, He's so very vengful, and so very frightful -Scarecrow and Fungus --- "All the men and women that are together have departed, have departed, have departed"
  11. misheard lyrics

    quote: Originally posted by TC: Another much more recent example is from Oh, Marcello. I had always heard "una villa," which I had assumed meant "a village" in Italian or something. It made sense to me, considering that the song is, at its surface, about a woman worrying about her child becoming a killer and it reminded me of the phrase "It takes a village [to raise a child]." Hence una villa = a village. But it's actually una mille and that's just much more confusing IMHO. I actually thought that part was "mama mia", but Regina was playing around with its pronunciation. Really interesting to know what it really was!
  12. Mortality.

    Lately, a few relatives/friends seem to come down with cancer. Even people I don't know, too. It gets you thinking, really-- when are you going to have your brush with mortality?
  13. Artist's/Writer's block.

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: ^^i wish i could flip that "crunch time" switch every time i go to work! Maybe it's like adrenaline: it boosts your performance, but if you had it all the time, you'd die ... or maybe lol anyway, good luck!! Get to work! I wish I had a "crunch time" switch in handy. I seem to be very lax when it comes to working on stuff; maybe that's why I get these stumbling blocks. Also, I might try different ways of working at things--maybe different environment or times? But it's worth a shot.
  14. Jessica {WWSFTCS}

    quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: dumb post alert! My advanced apologies. I don't like the term "reject" for regina's songs. Maybe they're the "cuties" or the "backups" xD That is all! Whoops, my bad--I just thought it was the general term people use for it. But yes, "cuties" or "backups" sound a lot better. "Bonus songs" don't sound bad, too
  15. Jessica {WWSFTCS}

    quote: Originally posted by Kopratic: quote: Originally posted by tourniquet737: I get a sad vibe from it too. Almost like Jessica has died and the narrator has lost her joy ("I'm out of melodies"). S/he's begging (all the "please" passages) Jessica to wake up so s/he can move on with his/her life ("we must get older"). Either way, I feel like this is a "Beauty" reject. In an interview from a few years ago Regi said she had too many songs for the project and could easily fill a few albums with them. Perhaps this is one? (Especially since it doesn't follow the character of the album at all....WWSFTCS is more dark/mysterious/melancholy and piano heavy for this maudlin guitar tune. It sounds like a soliloquy moment where the main character is in front of the curtain during a scene change in a play) Although I can see where you're coming from, I think it does follow the character of the album {as you put it}. Yes, the rest of the album is dark and mysterious, which makes the light tune of "Jessica" appropriate for the end. She's waking up from the dream. Another thing: I don't know whether or not this was intentional, but I like how in "Small Town Moon" {the album opener}, there's the lyric "Today, we're younger than we're ever gonna be." Then, in the closer, it talks about how "We must get older." It gives the album a real sense of a journey. Good call on that Small Town Moon/Jessica one! I definitely sense the journey between those two points. Also, now that I think about it, if you replace every mention of the name "Jessica" and put in "Beauty", then it makes sense. "Beauty, wake up, Beauty, wake up"--it definitely makes sense if this was a reject from the play. (which makes you think how many songs from her next album--after Cheap Seats, that is--will be Beauty rejects...)