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  1. General Audience Tickets?

    I assume you got tickets by now? One reason I signed up here is to recount my experience with LiveNation/Ticketmaster -- which I'll do in a separate post. If you wanted GA seats you were able to get them in the public sale. Regina's site saved about $5 a ticket in service charges, which was nice. Her pre-sale site ONLY offered the GA seats and not reserved, so that did not work for me, since I wanted reserved seating.
  2. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    Hey there! First post here, just signed up. Wanted to answer your question and let you know I did meet Regina, briefly, when she played in Atlanta (maybe for the first time?) in September, 2006 under a tent at Park Tavern. This was actually a *free* concert -- hard to believe, right? -- as part of a radio station's summer concert series, and it ended up beyond packed. At the end, Regina signed CD's. So she signed my "Begin to Hope" CD. I only talked with her a minute and said I saw her for the first time on Conan's show... she said Conan was really nice. She seems genuinely sweet, beyond that I couldn't tell you more. Glad I had the chance to say hi back then.