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  1. Regina is everywhere

    The prospect of a new album has me SOOO excited... I guess that old Entertainment Weekly article (that debuted "You've Got Time") was right about a new record all along! Wooooo
  2. Regina in special NYC appearance

    COOOOOL! Thanks so much!
  3. Hava Nagila - the movie

    I just watched it! Totally worth the $3.99 haha. It's so crazy how such pervasive parts of culture can have such storied histories... Regina made some remarks about the USSR I hadn't heard before! Overall, really cool and informative documentary thing!
  4. Where can i find these Regina songs?

    Sooo...does anyone still have By The Time You Read This Letter? It looks like someone threw it up for download back in '08...Stepped on a Syringe, maybe?
  5. Hava Nagila - the movie

    Oh, coolness! I'm gonna watch the poop out of this tomorrow. Thanks for da info!
  6. Hava Nagila - the movie

    Damn. I wonder why the film is so expensive? $45 for a high-school length educational DVD? Whaaat? I think I'm missing something.
  7. No, I got it, m! Thank you though! Lily, it came back this past summer I think! Spektography (now TheSpektography) also came back to YouTube, thank God!
  8. Dog and Pony

    This song destroys my soul each time I hear it. I came looking for a thread like this to say I think it's about a miscarriage, or a stillborn, but Be like the water, people. beat me to it. I wish there was a clearer recording, or some kind of like, I don't know, official transcription of the lyrics. 'cause on the "You were born..." part I hear this: You were born unto me Untorn Unto me Unworn Unto me Unborn So I don't know what to belieeeve!
  9. Are you serious?! I looked for this whole show for forever, even on respektonline! Thanks, m! I feel dumb and needy.
  10. Regina in special NYC appearance

    Nope! Not a leak. She played it live some time ago, maybe for a HIAS benefit? It was something Jewishy, because she sang "I've got Jew under my skin" instead of "you." Speaking of that, like, still happening?
  11. Haha! Poor Reg. Would you mind sending me the show? I'd love you sooo much!
  12. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    I had a dream about Regina! She was playing outside of a building, on a sidewalk next to a tree. She had these crazy cool tattoos on her shoulder and shorter, straighter hair than I've ever seen her with before. She was playing Sailor Song on a keyboard high enough to stand at while playing. Natasha Lyonne from Orange is the New Black was there, and they were best friends. Except Natasha interrupted her and Regina slapped her. In a playful way. I think. Then something about fruit. It was a good dream!
  13. Hmm... Wouldn't it be neat if they were together for an album cover photoshoot? I mean, he did do the WWSFTC cover, as well as the You've Got Time and All The Rowboats covers. /desperate
  14. Regina in special NYC appearance

    I wonder if anyone will film this! Hope so. Maybe she'll debut some new stuff! Tomorrow could be a wonderfully Regina-y day.
  15. pictures and videos of interest...

    Regina's just so pretty. In a very classic way. If that makes sense. Also, that picture of her with the guitar is definitely a goodie. I miss that thing! Haha.
  16. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    Yeah, of course! I know Regina's songs aren't recorded in a chronological way. I just meant that Reg might not feel that she needs to infuse as much personality into her music anymore, even older songs -- because of how her increased access to technology can now realize those implications she'd had to make before. Maybe I'm wrong! Edit: Just to clarify, I still love everything she's done. Even if I kind of think she's still adapting to everything at her disposal, it's clear that there's still so much undiluted Regina in everything she does. So...
  17. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    I agree with the idea that Regina's newer works kind of lack the soul that earlier ones did. But does anyone remember the interview where she was talking about how, in the beginning, all she had at her disposal was her piano and her voice? She said something about having to "imply" a lot of things -- she doesn't have to do that anymore. Maybe she's just trying to adjust to all the technology that's now available to her, trying to find her footing again. I doubt that ~Soviet Kitch was the last we'll ever see of good old soulful Reg.
  18. Regina is everywhere

    Question! What is it about this you all think is so creepy? It's just a song...who even knows if it's true. Even if it is, it's just a dream. Haha.
  19. Regina is everywhere

    I agree with RJLupin -- this IS totally weird and creepy. But I can't help but kind of love it at the same time. Maybe I'm weird and creepy...
  20. Hey! I'll do it. Shoot me a PM.
  21. The New Record

    I think I read/heard an interview once where Regina was basically like, "Wow, [insert whatever favorite artist of hers she was talking about] released a new record every two years -- some time every year -- and I'd like to start releasing stuff more often." I think she said that around the time far was released though, so maybe she decided that kind of schedule doesn't work for her? At any rate, I reiterate that I would love a new album more than I could express. And yeah, I'd also kill for You or Loveology!
  22. I just stumbled across this, no idea what's going on. Anyone have any background info? Hahaha! Love this.
  23. Regina wearing underwear, too?

    Yeah, RJLupin, I did! I COMPLETELY missed any mention of Dufus somehow. I really'd hoped it was some weird song of hers I'd never heard...oh well!
  24. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    It sounds so pretttty. I'm excited to hear the full track!
  25. Haha, no, I know it's still available, I just wonder why she hasn't included it in her auction is all! I bought my copy of Songs at CDBaby, actually.