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  1. Probably more, I would expect! Also, where's Songs?! It's gone from the music tab on her site and apparently from her heart! Poor Songs.
  2. Trying to remember a video

    This isn't exactly "simple," but it's animation and could be kind of official-y!
  3. European Summer Tour 2013

    She looks like she has so much fun with that song! I could be totally misinterpreting everything, but it seemed like Regina had gotten a bit bored with her Cheap Seats songs during her American it's nice to see her break free with this one!
  4. European Summer Tour 2013

    Regina seems like the last person who would have anything to do with something like this directly. Dumb "journalism." Sidebar, has anyone posted any videos of the show yet? I wanna see You've Got Time live!
  5. Regina to host show on ABC1 - Australia

    Did we get anyone to record this? I wanna watch!
  6. Early fan Recordings

    This is seriously the most ever magnificent thing. I have a 5 hour car ride today -- and now also 105 Regina songs to listen to on the way! Yesss.
  7. unknown song

    I don't mean to be that guy, but hasn't Regina stated herself that she didn't want these things leaked and therefore listened to, much less shared on her own forum? I mean, it's great to hear unreleased/new stuff, but is it "okay" to listen if she never intended/wanted us to?
  8. Best Live Version Of

    Melcotton, I'm unsure! Could you upload it to Sendspace or Mediafire? Sidebar: this is officially my favorite version of Baby Jesus, if only because of 1:34 to 1:40. I love her!
  9. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    Actually it said 1903! She looks super young though. I believe I read somewhere in the comments that one of her friends from SUNY filmed and put it together for her.
  10. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    Has anyone ever seen this? I just found it!
  11. Good News Thread!

    Playing my school talent show tomorrow. A girl I know is singing Samson and I'll be accompanying her on piano. So nervous...I've never performed before!
  12. "The Call" and "My Man"

    Questions! 1) What exactly are the origins of "The Call?" Was she approached by the producers of Caspian to write and record a song? Was it something she played live before and they'd heard it? I've had trouble coming up with a definitive chronology of events -- anyone know? 2) As for "My Man," I know that many years ago she performed a song called "My Man" live (at Tonic, I think, on Valentine's Day 2004). Is this the same song she recorded for Boardwalk Empire? I'm not sure it is -- I believe Regina said herself at the 2004 concert that she just slapped some lyrics onto the end of a Billie Holiday song. Is it just coincidence that she ended up recording a professional version of a different song?
  13. Regina's Adorable Mess Ups...

    Wow! I had no idea she'd played that so recently. Unbelievable that she could remember so many words! I really like all the changes she's made to it...especially the "buh dum dum dum" part.

    Happy birthday, Regina! It'd be difficult to express how much she means to me, to all of us, I can imagine -- what a talented human being! I hope her day rocks. (And yeah, cake would definitely be good! Haha.)
  15. Unknown song from 2001?

    These are awesome videos... Are these the earliest known recordings of Regina performing, then?!
  16. I recently came across the "Armed N' Jet Lagged" picture and I think it's my favorite of her ever... It should clearly be on the cover of her next record. Which should be appropriately titled "Armed N' Jet Lagged."
  17. California tour?

    Do you think it's a possibility? Has she been known to do two tours like that almost back to back?
  18. Regina Song Showdown!

    Wallet vs. The Noise
  19. Regina Song Showdown!

    Devil Come to Bethlemem vs. Uh-Merica
  20. Regina Song Showdown!

    Buildings vs. December!
  21. Regina at KCRW - entire show

    I've seen this before! The interview is really great, one of my favorites.
  22. 11/7 Music Hall Kansas City

    I would so be there...if I could find anyone to go with me. So pissed! Haha. But I hope you have fun, digitalodin!
  23. WWSFTCS Cover Art

    I got kinda bored today and decided to make cover art for How, considering that both other singles from WWSTFCS have their own. Then I decided I'd start making cover art for each of the songs from the album as if they were cover art-less singles as well. I've only done Small Town Moon, Oh Marcello, and How for now. Small Town Moon Oh Marcello How Let me know what you guys think!
  24. What Reg songs can you play?

    Crazy! Some of you can play her entire repertoire! I can do the following on piano: Us All the Rowboats Ode to Divorce Raindrops Chemo Limo Hero How Consequence of Sounds Prisoners The Flowers Dance Anthem of the 80s I Cut Off My Hair And I think that's it...I think the next Brumstix project should be a collection of tutorials. You know, for those who can't read sheet music. (Like myself. )