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  1. Regina Song Showdown!

    Small Town Moon vs. Time is All Around
  2. Regina Song Showdown!

    Apres Moi vs. 8th Floor
  3. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Oh, one more thing that I thought was really amusing. Right before Call Them Brothers was performed, someone from the (extremely vocal) crowd yelled out "Loveology!!!" and Jack responded "Loveology.. I don't know that one." while Regina smiled.
  4. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Just got back from the concert (well, a little bit ago) and just absolutely felt the need to post, especially since my cousin (the girl on the right) and I met Regina!!! After the concert (which was unbelievably great -- seriously one of her best vocal performances IMO and the balance between her and the band was eons better than in Wellmont where I was also at), we waited outside the theatre like RedRyder already explained, and then waited on that street corner with everyone else. No need to rehash everything that's already been said, but Regina was adorable and took time to talk and take pictures with everyone that waited. I told her that I'd learned and play all of her songs on piano and she told me that that was awesome! And here's the picture we took with her... (thanks again to the blonde guy in the above picture that took this for us!)