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  1. Town Hall, NYC, October 17, 2016

    All tickets sold out before the clock hit 12:01pm. This is so frustrating, I hate scalpers..hope some of you had better luck
  2. Rough Trade 10/18/16_Lottery

    Computer froze for Town Hall tickets and just found out I lost the lottery. A tough day all around ..if anyone is willing to sell me their plus 1 that would be amazing. I remember I gave away a ticket to her LPR show in 2012 after winning the lottery, and really hope this comes full circle and I get a ticket..thanks so much!...I know this forum isn't usually for ticket solicitations but I am desperate and really can't miss this show. Thanks!!!
  3. Town Hall, NYC, October 17, 2016

    Computer froze for the town hall tickets when I was checking out and didn't come away with any. I will try again friday and hopefully meet up before! Also, was unsuccessful in the Rough Trade lottery, a tough day! If anyone is willing to sell me their extra id be so appreciative!
  4. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    Just saw this, so excited! Entered into the Rough Trade lottery and am getting Town Hall tickets. I will gladly give someone my extra Town Hall ticket for their Rough Trade ticket. Or my kidney or anything youd like haha. Don't write on here much Bc I feel I have nothing much to add, but I can't contain my excitement!!
  5. srg 10th Stix Anniversary

    Apologies for being late on this, but, Serge you're the man! Thanks for all the videos, stories, and everything you have shared that has enhanced our experience. While many people would keep all the exclusive stuff to themselves, you're always willing to share it (and somehow still be modest!). Although I've only met you recently, your Regina videos are the reason I was able to study/not fail out of hs and college (pretty sure I've told you that!) ! Thanks for being awesome and welcoming me to your group with open arms. You're a great person and I, like many others, appreciate your kindness and generosity! -Brendan
  6. 2012 Fall Tour

    Sec E Row E Seat 113! Think I may be drivin up from NYC area a little earlier in the day if anyone needs a ride. Got Portchester GA's and about to get Beacon seats. Things are lookin up!
  7. 2012 Fall Tour

    quote: Originally posted by Krista_Pgh: I am from Bridgeville, PA (in the Pittsburgh, PA region). I will be purchasing tickets to go to the Cleveland, OH show since it is closest to me. I was wondering of there was anyone withinthe Regina community who would want to go with me? I.e. together. All of my friends and family are not fans. I do not know why but she is my absolute favorite. Hey! I was thinking of going to that show, I'd be driving from NY and taking the day off from work. I could pick you up and drive you back if I def decide to go. Let me know what you think!
  8. 2012-05-31(Le) Poisson Rouge, Bleecker St, NYC!

    Hi if you cant get in w your dad- I'd be willing to pay for your spot I unfortunately missed the giveaway and really want to go! I can give you my email or #..thanks!
  9. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Hi! Super excited to be seeing Regina again - I was wondering if anyone who had seen her in Philly or Boston could give some insight as to what time she is likely to come on. I think she came on around 9 for the wellmont show and I plan on working late but would like to figure out when I can leave. Sorry to be a pain but I don't want to miss any of the show and am trying to decide when I should leave work (maybe take a sick day?? Haha) well thanks so much and I hope you guys enjoy the show!