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  1. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    My account of the night: After an amazing show, I waited in the lobby for about a half an hour before the theatre staff started kicking us out. I walked around the whole outside of the theatre twice before standing out front for about another 30 minutes. There were others waiting, but in time they all started going home. As I'm walking down the block, I noticed a bunch of people, well only about 20-30, waiting on the street corner, gathered around a door. When I finally got to view into the window of the door, I saw a gathering of about 50 people inside. In the midst of all the assumed press, friends and family, I saw why everyone was gathered there. There she was in the crowd, greeting everyone inside. I freaked out. After giving up and about to head home, I gained a new hope that it would finally happen. In the next 2 painfully slow hours, the people inside started leaving. She finally catches a glimpse at us and waves, making eye contact with me even. We all wait another 30-40 mins, until she finally comes out to greet the dedicated 20 of us left. My blood started pumping and my heart started beating fast as ever. I finally get my chance and show her the best 4 art pieces that I've done of her, to hear the best criticism anyone has ever given my art. "WOW you're a real talent! You made me look really sharp!" my iPhone was only at about 6% battery life but I didn't care. One of her security guards took the picture for me: The woman that's been my inspiration for months. Regina Spektor. After the photo, I asked her to sign my iPad. "are you sure? That's pretty permanent haha". I told her, "Oh no I don't care, that's PERFECT" and we shared a laugh. She gave me the warmest hug I've ever felt. This night/morning will go down as the best of my entire life. I can honestly say that I can die happy now. I will FOREVER be a fan! Someone that'll never sell out and let fame get the best of them. I'm proud to be a fan
  2. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    It's looking like Regina's not coming out <\3 not seeing people sticking around either, but I'm not giving up yet... The last bus home leaves in about two hours too
  3. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    My will is being heavily tested right now. No re entry and I'm DYING for a Cigarette . Regina, you're totally worth it.
  4. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Haha I'm already in my seat. I love the venue. Same Seating I had at the Montclair show (lower balcony) but Regina won't look like an ant!
  5. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Woo! It looks like I'm the only one going solo lol
  6. Regina on Letterman Thursday, May 17th

    Ne me quitte pas and all the rowboats are awesome, but I seriously think she should do small town moon
  7. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    My plan is showing my newest art piece on her that I made on my iPad, along with the Eet piece I did of her, then ask her if she could sign my iPad Would I be too much of a bother if I asked for a picture with her? I didn't see too many forumers with photos with her from yesterday's show
  8. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    The entire soviet kitsch album. I want a fan of regi from the start, so I jumped from Far and Begin To Hope, to songs then 11:11 and finally SK. It was such a huge change compared to BTH and Far that I didn't like it. I started by buying single songs on iTunes before completing the albums. I was going to buy "Us" when I thought "what the hell, I'll just get the whole album." I was on the bus home from my college campus when the album finished downloading, and I was just wondering what the hell? Then "chemo limo" came on, followed by ode to divorce. I went on iTunes and read the reviews to find that it took a lot of people a couple of listens. To this day, Soviet Kitsch is my all time favorite album, even over BTH and Far. We'll see how WWSFTCS plays out judging by the wellmont theatre show I went to, the all the rowboats and ne me quitte pas singles and the Small Town Moon tease regi gave us on soundcloud, this album is going to be nothing to mess with.
  9. Has Regina ever made an appearance on here?

    Like, post on here or anything? Anyone know if she ever looks at the discussions etc.?
  10. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Omg I'm hoping to meet her tomorrow and get a picture with THE Regina Spektor! I'm freaking out right now. A 22 yr old guy freaking out, completely fan girl'ing. My second concert ever and my second regi concert Do you think I should show her my latest painting from my iPad? Omg I'd be so nervous to should I bring something myself to have her autograph? Or would there be something there already? Ahhh I don't have any regi memorabilia since everything I have of hers is digital :'( do I bring my own pen? Or would she have one? Sorry I'm really freaking out lol I've never gotten an autograph before and I absolutely love regi
  11. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thank you for the kind words I'll be seeing her show on the 15th, so hopefully I'll meet her and show her this, and get her to sign my iPad along with a hug I'd melt on the spot
  12. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thanks! here's the finished product!
  13. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Updates galore! I finished her face
  14. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thanks a lot! Here's another update: Should be done by tomorrow!
  15. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Here's an update
  16. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Hey guys! I've since completed another piece, inspired by her song Us The mountain scenery is from the lyrics, "they made a statue of us. And put it on a mountain top" This is another work in progress. I've seen a speed painting video on YouTube on this very piece so I decided to give it a try. I'm not a fully seasoned painter, when it comes to people, as you could see from the quality from my other regi pics. You can actually see how much better I've gotten comparing the older ones with the new pictures. Anyways, here's the process so far for the one I'm working on now: Close up on the eye detail, which I'm very proud of since I've always had trouble with it. I finally found a good method that suits my abilities : And now where I am currently: I'm hoping to get this one done by tomorrow night. Thanks for looking!
  17. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    I just might cry like a 10 yr old girl meeting justin beiber
  18. Regina is everywhere

    On the first of this month, I was at chili's with my family for dinner, when Better came on I stopped eating for the entirety of the song when my brother tugged on my shirt and pointed it out Regina's beautiful voice to me. I actually had my earphones in, listening to après moi I think it was.
  19. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    Grr I hope I get to meet her I'm in the lower balcony, once again :'( <\3
  20. 2012-05-15 United Palace, Manhattan NYC

    I'm new so I'm not as acquainted with you guys would've loved to meet some formers at the montclair show! I'll be going solo to this show.
  21. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    quote: Originally posted by IDontCare: I feel like the only one here who likes vocoders. Granted, I can see why it might annoy some, and why it might seem odd in BoaP... But me personally? I love it. <3 can't wait to see her in Boston in 4 weeks! And then hear it on the album! Personally I think it'd be really cool to create this massive climax in BoaP where the vocoders effect just gets louder and more dominating and menacing until it practically engulfs you! And them fades gently back to natural Regina.... I also really loved her vocoders use in Dance Anthem. I'm a sucker for robot-Regina. Funny, I thought I was the only one too! I LOVE vocoder Regina. BoaP is going to be my favorite From the new album. I wish it was released as a single then end of may is just torture. Anyone remember what she said after one of our loud applauses/whistling? "I feel part flattered and part stripper"
  22. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Wowowowow how did you guys get to meet her?!?!?!? Is this common? Being able to meet her after a show? How long did you have to wait??
  23. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    I was on the left side of the lower balcony. The show was just amazing. I loved it all omg. My first concert ever and it did not disappoint at all. I went absolutely nuts when she played ballad of the politician. It'll definitely be my favorite for the new album. I loved every single song. I brought my iPhone and iPad to record, but ran out of memory on both. Totally worth it. The audio is amazing, but the visual side was horrendous lol. I'll bring a legit camera for the new York show next month instead of my phone and tablet lol.
  24. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    quote: Originally posted by mmoncayo92: quote: Originally posted by RedRyder: So after my friend and I bought tickets, which ended up separate seating, my best friend managed to get his request for two tickets to go through, so I have two extra tickets if anyone's interested. They'll be lower balcony, in the center and right sections. Only Son will be there too! Hey, I was just wondering if those tickets are still available and how much they would be. Thanks! The same price I payed for them, I wouldn't rip off a fellow Regina fan. They were 45.50 each, so 91 for both.
  25. 2012 US Tour

    Got tic for the ny show. I didn't buy it until 40 mins after the presale lol. Just refreshed once 10mins later and got a ticket. Goodbye $85