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  1. Cheap seats my arse

    I haven't been to any shows yet, but I've purchased tickets to the Montclair nj show and the NYC show in may. The Montclair cost me a total $45, including tax and whichever other fee's. Today, I was able to catch the presale for the NYC show, which cost me a total of $85. I only work part time and saving for an apartment, so this alone took out -half of my paycheck. Won't be able to pay for my phone this month. I adore Regina, I really do, but this seats aren't cheap! Regardless, I know I'll always buy any tickets for shows in my area haha.
  2. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Finally finished adding it to the first post as well
  3. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Hha thanks guys! I worked on it some more now its time to add color to the face, which Ive been dreading
  4. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Started work on another piece!
  5. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    So after my friend and I bought tickets, which ended up separate seating, my best friend managed to get his request for two tickets to go through, so I have two extra tickets if anyone's interested. They'll be lower balcony, in the center and right sections. Only Son will be there too!
  6. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thank you thank you I'll have a new one by the time the second single is released. Try ArtRage, it's a lot better!
  7. Chemo Limo full cover

    Haha good work man! One of my favorite Regina songs. You really added an eerie feel to it and it suits it well. Great job!
  8. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thank you so much for the kind feedback I used sketchbook pro, then art rage for the last 5. I have all of the drawing apps in the AppStore as well. The other good ones are brushes, procreate and sketchclub (it allows you to record your progress and export it as a video, sped up to 2,4 and 8x speed, or sped up to match a song in your library) which is what i currently use.
  9. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Thank you very much! There will be more coming soon I know that as more singles come out, or even after I go to that concert, I'll be inspired to create another dozen pieces
  10. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    Howdy! My name is Max, and I am an aspiring cartoonist. While my main form of art is cartoons, I also dabble in human portraits. I've been doing traditional paper art my whole life, but didn't learn/start to do digital art until a little over a year ago. I'm still learning, so I'm hoping I'll get better in time On a rainy day, I was listening to some Christina perri during a car ride with a buddy of mine, when he said he has something that I might enjoy more. I unplugged the mp3 cable from my iPhone, he plugged it into his, before long I was trapped in a sort of daze... Never before had I heard a sound so different then what Ive become accustomed to. Two Birds was soothing the car and consuming my every thought. After the 10th or so replay of the song, On the Radio played. At this point I became so addicted to her voice and finally asked who the artist was. Regina Regina Regina, how I love you so! After the second song I was just sold. I purchased two birds and on the radio after the song finished and fell asleep listening to both. The next day I came across Eet, which is now on my top 5 songs, and fell even more in love and payed homage to it by making a painting of it (they're coming up I promise). Throughout that first week, I purchased songs from Far and Begin To Hope separately before I was convinced to buy the deluxe album versions of both (which was really after I listened to Samson haha). On a bus ride back from school, I decided to download Soviet Kitsch. At first, it didn't sit well with me, but it really grew on me and became my favorite album. The few friends that listen or know of Regina, have only listened to her from her involvement in the soundtrack for 500 days of summer, and never explored her music past that. It saddened me deeply, so I decided to use my talents to make my facebook friends aware of her, as well as friends I've made on other forums that I frequent (video game, art forums etc.) on their "off topic section. I've created quite a diverse fan base through these digital pieces of her. But back to 500 days, after seeing that movie and how Regina's songs were tied in, I loved her even more. I loved how the opening of the movie was Us, with Hero being used in the darkest part of the movie. It was just pure genius and made me feel like Regina had a part in that herself (besides contributing the song of course). How excited was I when I saw that the first single of the upcoming album was released? Overjoyed. I absolutely in love with the album version of All the Rowboats. I'm so looking forward to this whole album After listening to the majority of her music, I started looking into the YouTube videos that are up of her performances. My god, I fell in love all over again. After that I purchased her Live in London concert movie and loved her even more, then purchased her music videos. I dreamed of seeing her live. I jumped for joy when I saw her Facebook announcement of her upcoming album and tour. I missed her HIAS benefit and was absolutely crushed. I was late to getting tickets so I couldn't afford the late tickets. The presale to her NJ concert; missed that too. But I ended up getting tickets Friday they're lower balcony seats (orchestra sold out within seconds) and my buddy that introduced this beautiful human to me is coming along too, but sadly he's in the center lower balcony and I'm on the right . I just can't believe I'll be in the same room as Regina. After buying the tickets, I swear I was shaking hours after that. This will be my first concert ever and will be even more memorable since its of my all time favorite artist. Alright, I really meant to do a short bio of a few sentences, but once I started on about Regina I couldn't stop till now haha. I even planned on going further but I caught myself. The following paintings were done on my iPhone and iPad. I will add which device was used for each over the corresponding picture. This one was the first one I did (i think). It was created on my phone, then touched up on my iPad. This one was done on my phone in a moving bus on my way home from school iPhone This next one was based off her concert movie and was the last creation I made of her on my phone (I purchased my own iPad after that, I'd used my brothers iPad prior to that. This one and the ones posted before this were done with my index finger) This next one was based of the song Time is All Around. The leaves based on the chorus and the time around her based on the title This was the most annoying painting I've done. It wasn't done very good, but I still like it This next one was based off The Survival Guide To Soviet Kitsch. I love that film short to death. It really showed how adorable Regina is, as well as showcase her creativity. The way the video went from upbeat to dark by the time Ode to Devorce came on really captured me. This next one was created on the last hours of new years eve, stopped to make a new years toast to my friends to bring in the new year, picked up the iPad and sat back down on the couch, finished it, then had a few drinks to it This one actually pays homage to two of my favorite songs. The sleeping Regina came from a still for the alternate version of the On the Radio music video (the one with Regina in the chocolate factory), the lyrics from Dance Anthem of the 80's and the hand/tree from the video of that song. Alright, this last one is my favorite out of all of them. It was my most intense piece and also took me the longest time. The video for Eet was just absolutely beautiful and is my favorite (next to the videos for Fidelity and Us) so I had this next painting portray my love for it I decided to do this after listening to the new single ne me quitte pas. I listened to it on repeat during the entirity of this piece So thats it For now! Thank you all for taking the time to read my lengthy thread intro and for viewing my art gallery! This was also an introduction thread and I look forward to interacting with people as crazy about Regina as I am! My friends think I'm obsessed . Now excuse me as I listen to No surprises Cheers! -Red
  11. Regina faking?

    She definitely doesn't fake.. I refuse to believe that. It's so adorable when she messes up (hense my signature haha) and I hope she does have some mishaps when I see her the first time next month. I'm looking forward to it haha.
  12. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Lbalr seat 6 section c
  13. 2012-04-10 Montclair, NJ | Wellmont Theater

    Got lower balcony too. The friend I'm going with got a center balcony seat and I'm on the right so sad! I was too excited that I got tickets to realize it haha. This'll be my first concert ever!