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    RedRyder got a reaction from RJLupin2 in Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?   
    I met her after the October third show my friend works in the music industry so he was able to get me a photo pass. During the 2nd-4th songs I was able to get in front of the stage to take photos! Ill never be able to put into words how amazing it was being within arms length of Regina while she performed. I'm getting butterflies just reliving it. So my best friend and I had floor seats so we were pretty much in front of the stage the whole time. It was a huge change for me since I was on the lower balcony for the two previous shows. After the show, we only had to wait a bit over an hour before Regina came out to meet us. I thought I'd be cooler meeting her the second time, but I was still a mess haha. The biggest trip was that she remembered me! I showed her the now half faded signature she left me on my iPad and she laughed and signed my poster I even showed her the latest piece I made of her and she liked it! She was as beautiful as ever and I'm glad I got to meet her again, along with having my friend that introduced me to her music in the first place. He was only able to mutter "I love all your songs.. So cool" and squealed like a little girl waking up in a lifelike barbie playhouse as we walked away.
    Here's the piece I made for/showed her that night: