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  1. Has there been any other news on this? I thought there was a chance it'd come out this year.
  2. My brother is an asshole. That is all.
  3. Everything on Songs right now
  4. I miss the conversations here! I should start looking here more often... Happy Birthday Regi!
  5. This is one of those times where I wish I had a sister. Also, I miss brumstix too.
  6. Nahhh, you're getting my hopes up for nothing! haha I don't think Jack and Regina would leave New York, it's their home....although maybe it's crazy expensive to raise a child there. I think robertaxel's right though, maybe Regi's been recording on the west coast. I just remembered Jack has a new album coming out soon too. Hmm, Jack recently tweeted this pic of avatar studios which is in nyc so... Oh, I looked up Greg Wells' twitter too. The latest one says:
  7. Disclosure-Magnets ft. Lorde Kind of unexpected for me from Lorde. Not that that's a bad thing. I actually like the song and music video.
  8. That's an amazing lineup! Is anybody planning on going to this? Just curious. I really want to go but I'm not sure if I can. I'll need to make up my mind soon as tickets go on sale this Friday....
  9. Did you remember anything about the song when you woke up? I had a dream once where i had written a song and i started to become lucid near the end of the dream so i realized as soon as i wake up i should write it down! but as soon as i did wake up it faded immediately...
  10. I think it was decided in that thread ChooSum created. It was between "walk on water" or "eternal life". I thought it was "stand (Stand-ding-On)" but then the lyrics would be "I must go on standing on"... Where did you find that out? Just looking up the lyrics?
  11. Thank you so much himynameism, you always have the answers! Here's the audio recording of the Hotel Cafe show in case anyone is curious.
  12. I know this feeling too well... haha I'm surprised you didn't see this thread where people were talking about it. It's also in the lyrics section. Now that you bring it up, it would be cool if this song was included in the next album so we could hear a finished version.
  13. cannot sleep... internet so slow... i'm so tired... haha i always think of that Beatles song and start hearing it in my head. am i posting too much? aha...sorry
  14. This is how I feel about some songs too. And Dog and Pony is one of my favorites. But I'd really like to hear these songs played live again. it would be so amazing. So i'm kind of torn but I just think it would be so cool if some old songs were included in setlists again.
  15. Hey, that's pretty cool. I love when other singers/musicians show they're fans of Regina. It's worth a listen too if you haven't checked it out.