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  1. Good News Thread!

    quote: Originally posted by geozzii: soviet kitsch AND begin to hope in the mail. I almost broke SK when I opened it, the middle thingy was going crazy. That's so funny! I got soviet Kitsch and Songs about that same exact day! I was soooooo happy! Also some posters
  2. post your favorite photos of regina

    Kaoir, last picture is ADORABLE!!!! :')
  3. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by dshuks: quote: Originally posted by himynameism: okay so since this hasn't been posted here is the most adorable picture ever! Now that's a really nice picture of Regina. Anyone else think Jack looks a little bored/uncomfortable? I guess that's understandable as he doesn't have as much experience dealing with these type of Media events, as much as Regina does right? Really good pic!! Yes, Jack does look a little awk. Hehe, look at his feet
  4. post your favorite photos of regina

    and sorry if this is a stupid question, but who's that guy with the beard?
  5. post your favorite photos of regina

    pafahbdjam! OMGGGG! i didnt even know regina was actually going to go! AHHH! she looks effin' beautiful!! I knew KP was going to win Watevs... Did they have them presenting the award on stage for this category? I must have missed it. I would have DIED if Regina won and walked up on stage. DIED!!! Wow, this is awesome regardless of winning or not. dshuks: i was wondering what the black thing was too? Prolly some hair clip fashon thingy hmm, I dont even care, Regina looks bomb
  6. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Its quite ironic that I was listening to this song and heard the same line come on when I saw these comments XD
  7. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Not to be a bum or anything but isn't it more like "UH!". hahaha. That's how I always saw it. You could just draw that really really huge on a balloon that would be super cool I think.
  8. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: quote: Originally posted by savannahspektor: Spektorific: Those are some awesome pics! She looks so happy. I pronounce the top one as my favorite, and waddup with the metal gate seperating them? Often times there will be a metal gate set up and you have to talk/take pictures over the gate. It's quite awkward. That seems very awkward... Does that happen alot?? Or only at big big venues?
  9. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    Yes yes, it's about 1:27.
  10. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    This isnt necessarily a clip "OF" Regina, but I thought it was interesting. Most of you probably know this but I just found it out. In the Virgin Queen where Regina is sort of mumbling, she's really singing the words "family come home" backwords. I don't really know if it was intentional but someone posted a video of it backwards so here it is, around 1:20 or 1:27 I think (also it sounds beautifully creepy):
  11. what is your favourite clip of regina?

    Awwwwww. Does anyone know how old or what Bear looks like now?!? Isn't he like 22 or 23?? I don't even know..
  12. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Awesome idea sweetness
  13. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    Well if that's the case, I wanna be born again <3 I think I'm about 5'4
  14. Has anyone met Regina lately after a show?

    awesome. I'm totally excited now! What does her tour bus look like? Would it be better to look for it before the show starts?
  15. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    I have a feeling we might have to double up a little on this one. Idk. We'll see how many people get into it