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  1. very nice article on Regina

    Thanks for the link, Robert Axel. Mr. Hillibish really nailed it.
  2. reginitis :D

    Hey, this is fun! My Life According to... Fiona Apple (because there were so many Reginas already) Pick your Artist: FIONA APPLE Are you a Male or a Female? Sullen Girl Describe Yourself. A Mistake How do you feel? Left Alone Describe where you currently live. Accross the Universe If you could go anywhere, where would you go? To Your Love What is your favorite form of transportation? Sleep to Dream Your best friend is... Better Version of Me You and your best friends are... Anything we Want What's the weather like? Pale September What is your favorite time of day? Every Single Night If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? The Child is Gone What is life to you? Love Ridden Describe your last relationship. Not About Love What is your greatest fear? Werewolf Give us a thought for the day... Never is a Promise How would you prefer to die? Fast As You Can What is your soul's present condition? Regret What is your personal motto? Oh Well
  3. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    kaoir: Je suis ravie, moi aussi, de croiser ici une compatriote. Effectivement l'endroit parait charmant et, si je ne posterai sans doute que peu, c'est avec un grand plaisir que je vous lis tous.
  4. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Stats Name or nickname: Angelina. But most people close to me call me Lina. Age: 24. Gender: Female, last time I checked. Orientation: Heterosexual, but Regina is making me rethinking this through Relationship status: Lonely. Location: France. Languages: French, obviously, and I pretend to speak a bit of english too. Life Occupation: Unemployed at the moment. Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, reading, drawing and overthinking. Interests: Everything is interesting when you're lucky enough to find the right people to teach you. Political Views: Moderate left, I guess. Religious Views: Atheist. The universe is so much more fascinating and beautiful when you put God out of the equation. Favorite Things Foods: Music. Color: Black isn't a color but it's my favorite one. Books: Kafka, Nabokov but my favorite reading is a letter my dad wrote me years ago. TV: Seinfeld, Mad Men, Breaking Bad Movies: Barry Lyndon, West Side Story, Mr. Nobody and so many more. Music: Regina, Fiona Apple, The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, St Vincent, Kate Bush and a lot of classical music... Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: The name of a character I unreasonably related to in the most beautiful movie ever. First time you heard Regina: Probably in 2009, not long after Far was released. I remember I stumbled on Après Moi on youtube and got hooked instantly. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Wow, it's tough. Right now, I'd go with Après Moi, Laughing With, Oh Marcello, Ballad of a Politician, Human of the Year, but I can't believe I'm leaving out Eet, Us, Genius Next Door, Open, Machine or thirty other songs out. Random fact about yourself: I can't swim. Who/What inspires you: Artists, smart persons, and people in the street who smile at you for no reason. Best thing about last year: It ended. Looking forward to this year: Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.