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  1. Good News Thread!

    I'm going to see Radiohead!
  2. HIAS Benefit - 2/23/11

    quote: material from her forthcoming LP, “What We Saw from the Cheap Seats,” Somebody better record this!!!
  3. Regina and Jack getting married in December?

    Congrats to her and Jack. But I don't really understand why she feels that she needs to keep this so heavily under wraps. I mean, we all know that Regina is a very private person, and god knows she's entitled to a personal life, but I wonder what her intentions are. Like, during Beatlemania, when John got married, Brian Epstein tried to keep it a secret, but that was because of part of the Beatles appeal was that they were 4 attractive and single guys, that the fangirls could fawn over. I digress, but still, I wonder why she would feel the need to keep such a tight rein on it. I mean, she got married for chrissakes! That's kind of a big deal! Does she intend to live the rest of her married life in secret? Even a small announcement for the fans would be nice, just to confirm. I'm just confused is all.....
  4. Regina and Jack getting married in December?

    I wonder if this actually happened.......
  5. say something nice...

    Holy hell Lennonist you may be my new hero. And I'm still very embarrassed regarding my lack of movie quote knowledge.....ha. Emmaline, I don't know you, but your mere presence on this forum tells me that you're obviously an awesome person. Merry Christmas/other holidays!
  6. New song! "Pure Perfection"

    Holy crap that is awesome! Sounds like something off the "Songs" album. Kinda reminiscent of something like Lacrimosa, with the dissonant(in a good way) piano intro. Is it disrespectful to ask for a download link since it's a leaked song? Just wondering..... EDIT: of course it's disrespectful. I apologise for my blatant douchebaggery
  7. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Hey all, I just joined. Stats Name or nickname: Sean Age: 18 Gender: Male Orientation: Hetero Relationship status: Single Location: Ireland Languages: English Life Occupation: Student - English Lit. Hobbies: Sport, Music Interests: hmmmm, i'll come back to this one Political Views: Liberal Religious Views: Atheism/agnosticism Favorite Things Foods: unhealthy things like pizza Color: ah now Books: well I study English Lit, so there's a few, but I always say my favourite is 1984, Orwell TV: Arrested Development, Scrubs, FOTC, Movies: God help me but I love The Matrix Music: Old stuff: Beatles, Queen, Hendrix, Floyd. Modern(er) stuff: Regina, Radiohead, Jack Conte, Franz Ferdinand, Gomez, Muse. I don't know where to put Tom Waits.... Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: My 2 favourites from 11:11 First time you heard Regina: heard fidelity on radio, paralysed by "dat voice" kinda forgot about for a year, heard again somewhere and said this time I will follow up this angel voiced woman and thank fuck I did! needless to say, hooked ever since. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Back of a Truck, 20 Years of Snow, Making Records, Small Town Moon, Movies/A Canon (sorry that's 6) Random fact about yourself: Born in australia, moved to ireland @ 7 Who/What inspires you: musicians, writers, hmmmm, people(?) Best thing about last year: college Looking forward to this year: might be going to mexico for college I'll improve it later, it's late, sleep is calling me