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  1. Remember Us To Life (Album Coming Sep 30, 2016)

    I'm really excited to see Regina for the first time in Düsseldorf. I wonder if "Düsseldorf" will be on the setlist, haha!
  2. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    There is also a 1,5 minute long snippet of the song in the iTunes store. I love that song! I am listening to it all day!
  3. New Song - Blood Of Eden

    A snippet of the song and the entire new Peter Gabriel Record: The song is really nice. I like it.
  4. Regina in Amsterdam

    Thank you for your answer! I am only going there to see Regina, but maybe I spent the day after the show in Amsterdam, which I would love to do. But that depends on how far I am with my studies - the show is in the middle of the finals.
  5. Regina in Amsterdam

    No, I have never been to Paradiso or The Netherlands in general, which is quite embarrassing, because I live like 100 km away from the border . Wow, thats pretty cool that you can hear her soundcheck! I heard FEIST doing her soundcheck at E-Werk in Cologne last year, that was pretty cool too! How early do you think do you have to be there? And do you know why I need to purchase a membership for Paradiso? Is this common in the Netherlands?
  6. Regina in Amsterdam

    I'm going to be there too. It will be my first Regina concert! I am super thrilled right now!
  7. Haldern Pop 2013

    The "exclusive show in Germany 2013" tag has been removed on Haldern Pop's website. Is there hope that there will be more shows in Germany?
  8. Haldern Pop 2013 Regina is coming to Germany for an exclusive show in 2013! What a shame that it was announced after the festival was sold out... Is anyone going to see her at Haldern Pop?
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    I am listening to: Kate Bush - Eat The Music
  10. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    Wow. I never thought of it being related to the Holocaust, but your arguments are comprehensible. "Scrubbing out the stains again" might be the tattoo that every prisoner gets when he reaches the Concentration Camp. She wants to get rid of it and with it rid of her current situation.
  11. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    Hi, I am thinking of ideas how to "visualize" my lines: You said, "Honey?"/ I said, "Baby?"/ You said, "Funny/ "I said, "Maybe". I thought of either two persons who are talking and cover their faces with the balloons with the words written on it or two "things" like grass and sky to make it a little less literal.... Any remarks? Or should we just take pictures of the balloon without the "environment"? PS: I like the idea that everyone makes a "na" balloon!
  12. Good News Thread!

    Thank you, Be like the water,people.! I am very thrilled and a little bit frightened at the moment because of maths But I am really looking forward to meet new people there !
  13. Good News Thread!

    Yay, I finally got accepted to study primary school teaching! My biggest dream became true!
  14. Brümstix Project Organisation Thread

    I'd like to take quote: Originally posted by Snowball13: You said, "Honey?" I said, "Baby?" You said, "Funny" I said, "Maybe" if i may.
  15. Regina Song Showdown!

    You vs. Back of a truck