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  1. Has anyone seen Lady GaGa?

    OMG! Seeing this forum made my day! I have never noticed it before! Regina will always be my favorite, but I love Gaga (maybe second). I have seen Gaga twice! Amazing amazing amazing concert! Gaga is so talented, in ways different from Regina , but I love that they are both fantastic pianists. I don't even know what to say right now, just that I am glad there is a dialogue about Gaga on this site! Fantastic! Also I should say I only really fell in with Gaga after seeing her live, and also seeing her play paparazzi acoustic. Also check out fooled me again (honest eyes)-amazing song. If they did a duet I would die...also if Gaga knows that Regina exists then I would be super happy, because everyone should know who Regina Spektor is! I understand why many people on this forum do not like Gaga, but I have shown a lot of people her acoustic stuff and they are then able to appreciate her artistry. I will be back later!