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  1. wow that is a pretty nice list of Reginas' songs! Thanks for doing this.
  2. Song Chronology II

    wow! you have done an amazing job on this!
  3. Are you sure these even exist? I am just wondering outlouded to myself, but thought I would ask my question so it might be answered. I keep getting NO THEY DON'T EXIST in my head.
  4. @Be like the water, people, you know you are right. I am willing just to drop it. @jesse, I hope that we can just drop this. It was an honest mistake on my part.
  5. @jesse, are you the other person that pm'ed me on youtube than? Could you please explain more to me what you meant? Telling someone that you have 50 plus Lana Del Rey demos and other Lana Del Rey tracks isn't bragging now is it! No I'm not referring to jesse at all. ( unless I found out jesse was the other person from youtube )
  6. Not happy that my trade didn't go my way. I don't think so buddy! I decided NOT to trade them because I was told about the fan made album!
  7. @jesse, so accussing someone of making up a live and a couple of demos, and sending that to someone is okay with you than! Which I NEVER did! I never knew there was a fan made album out til yesterday. So I am assuming that you ( maybe ) the other person that contacted me than. Before I leave this crazy Regina place ( and I do say that in a funny way ) When referring to me as a he. I do NOT appreciate since I'm a female. I'm not sure that I wanna be in a Regina forum that points fingers at others when they make an HONEST mistake. Why do you think I told them that I wasn't going to trade them AT ALL! ( I know all caps means yelling, but I just wanted to stress those words, and I'm not yelling at anyone here. )
  8. Is this reg?

    I would really love to hear these demos. Reup anyone?
  9. I thought everybody traded. You just post it on the board for everyone. I guess I could see that happening. RJLupin6, I hope you can forgive me for my behavior on youtube.
  10. I'm pretty sure it was the first person who emailed me on youtube. I'm assuming that you are on this board since you so kindly gave me a link to this page. Well this person claims to have 50 Lana Del Rey songs and demos. ( or even more ) They told me that this demo cassette was probably just someone had put together with live recordings. I just didn't want people to think that I was out to SCAM anyone, and that is WHY I changed my mind about trading them. I finally decided to pm someone that probably would know more about the Regina songs than I do. Yes the person pm'ed me on youtube, and I decided that I could be nice enough to send that person the files to check them out for me, and come to find out you guys already had the files.
  11. sweetness in my lungs, thank you! There was a total of 3 people who emailed me on youtube last night. I was told by one of them that they were just a bunch of songs and whoever decide to put demo cassette on the title. ( you know who you are ) and one person already said they got the files from me. But after getting the first email. I'm sorry but the way I was treated who would wanna share. Now I'm getting the accusations that I put live songs and claimed that they were demos. Who does that? I know I WOULDN'T! After all this happened it makes me NOT want to be a fan of Regina Spektor!