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  1. Back in December, Regina was interviewed by the people behind a (hopefully) soon-to-be released documentary called "Hava Nagila: What is it?": quote: I had the privilege to interview Regina Spektor yesterday for Katahdin's Hava Nagila: What Is It? Regina's the real thing: brilliant, articulate and sweet - She had profound things to say about the role Hava played in the lives of Soviet Jews in the 80's. - Source Here's a link to the movie's official website, which contains a short clip of the documentary: The website states: quote: With enough luck, and funding, the film will be finished by Summer 2012. We welcome donations as we still need to pay for editing, sound mix and other post-production costs. Looks like they've received a few donations so far, but could definitely use some help!
  2. post your favorite photos of regina

    Here's a link to the bigger version of the Nylon article: Click on the full screen icon or zoom in.
  3. "Official" video for Call Them Brothers

    Cool! Vimeo emailed us yesterday because we had registered the url ages ago and Regina wanted to use it in a new deal with them. Didn't know it would be used so quickly. Nice!!
  4. Reg in Voxpop Magazine (FR)

    Here's the original PDF (in French!): Sorry for the broken links. We had a database crash and couldn't recover everything.
  5. New vinyl on Record Store Day!

    Here's Old Jacket. The album version will be much cleaner. I had to do some noise reduction and click removal, thanks to my crappy record player.
  6. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with Special Guest Regina Spektor

    quote: Originally posted by himynameism: thanks reginapolis! That is the set list from last night I presume? Sorry, it's from the 4/18 show! The 4/19 show setlist was likely the same, but we'll know for sure later today.
  7. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with Special Guest Regina Spektor

    Setlist from 4/18 show in CO: Firewood On the Radio Small Town Moon Blue Lips Ne me quitte pas All the Rowboats How Us Laughing With The Party Fidelity Samson
  8. Ink Stains

    Sorry about that. Write to us at hello[at] and I'll send you the audio.
  9. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    quote: Originally posted by bum bum bum: Yeah, I figured Regina wasn't happy with the performance or something hit a snag because it was never released in 2009, and if you look at the TED website it's not there. I haven't seen it before today. With all the unauthorized leaks lately it doesn't hurt to be a little careful with stuff like this. Where did you get it if I may ask? Someone sent it to us back in December, and I completely forgot about it until digging for possible demos on my HD today. They said it was part of a TED video podcast. I know they often release those but I just searched on and iTunes and didn't find anything relating to this from 2009. To be safe, I think it should remain offline. Don't want to contribute to any unauthorized leaks or get a strike on Youtube if it's not meant to be shared. @tourniquet...I'm not sure about the URL only thing. I'm also not sure why it's not available elsewhere, because it's such a good recording, although the "controversial" nature of the song might be the reason.
  10. I think the request was posted to her myspace blog.
  11. Interviews & Appearances 2010

    ^^^Didn't think there was any harm in posting it since it's old news. Now that you mention it, I'm not so sure... What does everyone else think? I'm setting it to private for now.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Be like the water, people.: I hope you can brush it off, and understand that the hostility is out of eagerness for new regina music, and not because anyone thinks you have deserved it. I mean, you like her music, too, so i guess on some level you can understand the excitement; i'm just sorry that your first encounter with this (usually loving) forum has been with an accidental label of "public enemy number 1," rather than "fellow fan who likes music." The people PM'ing you aren't even mean or vindictive. they just had a wrong impression of your intentions, if i'm understanding correctly. I hope you can forgive any mistakes or misunderstandings! We all make mistakes, and i'm sorry for any that were made in your direction! To the people who PM'ed: i don't want to put words in your mouth. But i hope this can be a learning experience, that the claws don't have to come out straight away, if at all! A person should feel respected and included along with yout fandom, not demanded of, or oherwise treated like a criminal. It seems grinch's feelings were hurt, and i'm sorry to see that. This forum is better than that, so either grinch is lying about your approach (doubtful) or people are so mad at "the man" that we can't respekt other fans. Not cool! Both you and sweetness raise several excellent points. As a fan, I completely understand why people are so eager to hear these demos, and the frustration that comes with knowing that others might have them and are hoarding. Even more frustrating is that people seem to be setting up fake profiles and scrobbling fake songs just to mess with people's heads. However, we all have to think more rationally here and not be so quick to jump to conclusions about people. As someone who was unfairly attacked at the beginning of this thread, I was very hesitant to join the forum, because most people seemed so hostile. Often it's all just a huge misunderstanding though, and most people here have the very best of intentions, and are generally welcoming. Sometimes first impressions are not always accurate. I think the lesson here is to try to be nicer to people, even those that appear to be scummy, because you don't want to unintentionally scare off new fans or existing ones. Also, there's a link to this forum on Regina's main site, so it's now getting a lot of attention. We all have to try to be on our best behavior!
  13. quote: Originally posted by jesse: quote: Originally posted by Kb93: I found it on Grooveshark :roll eyes: I looked into the files info and it says it was recorded in 2001. She sounds young but I didn't think the song was that old. i believe it's from 2004, the same collection as the cut off my hair demo. how did you rip the file? can you do the same for the genius next door demo in the first post in this thread? Here is is:
  14. quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: Speaking of people hoarding rare Regina songs, I have a question. I looove the Spektography youtube channel, so I researched to see where else they'd be on the web. A user who goes by Spektography is on, and has really rare song titles on their playlist: A demo of LOVEOLOGY and JESSICA?! wow. A little too hard to believe. I don't know too much about, but does this look legit or is it one of those times where people just do it to stir things up?? Spektography is a reputable source but who knows if it's even the same person who runs the youtube channel. Idk, this just left me confused. Something tells me this person is a prankster. Seems like they just signed up yesterday. Someone should contact them! Isn't spektography run by someone named Gavin, though?
  15. quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: ^ Man, that's just so wrong!! I was shaking my head the whole time I was reading through lol. I read through the comments too, and I saw this: "@AlderOfBirds, Loveology is 5.38 and Uh Merica is 3.19" Isn't that the length of the version we all have already? So this Grinch2466 might just be claiming the live version is a demo. Either way, it's unfortunate people have to be so selfish with their music :/ The 5:38 is a live version...that back and forth is so hilarious. LOL - these people!!
  16. quote: Originally posted by Barth: quote: Originally posted by SchoolIsOut: As far as "I Cut Off My Hair" being "The Party" on WWSFTCS, I tweeted to Reginapolis about it and here's what they had to say: "@mouseology No, it won't be! "The Party" is a new song. If it was the same song, there would've been copyright removals already! :-)" If that's the case, then I'm not as heartbroken as I would've been, cause now we have this super amazing demo version I don't understand the Reginapolis answer. Ne Me Quitte Pas and All the Rowboats have escaped the copyright removal issue. The way i see it, WB has put copyright claims in on unauthorized "leaks" and personal photographs which Regina asked to be keep private. She has never tried to stomp on personal recordings or any of the other theoretical copyright violations that are all over these websites. I hope The Party is a new song, because I want new songs, but she has been so busy the last few years, it is hard to imagine when he would have had the time. I love the song we called "cut ff my hair" and would love to hear a produced version. Actually, there has been a lot of confusion over what's allowed and what isn't. It seems like Warner can remove anything Regina-related at any time, even things they likely don't own the copyrights to. Tumblr forwarded one of their removal complaints to us, and a lot of the urls that Warner requested to be removed were quite ridiculous, and a lot of it was stuff that we never even posted, but stuff that was posted by others. Example, things like gifs of the Dance Anthem video, gifs of other videos that were released years ago and which have been floating around for awhile. Why would they even want to remove something like that? So it seemed that someone at Warner simply pasted in a bunch of random urls into a form, and requested that they be removed. There was nothing about the wedding photos, which were posted by other people. For awhile they were removing things like live songs that have been online for years. So this is specifically about Warner trying to control Regina content on Tumblr and other sites, and has nothing to do with us at all. One other thing that was confusing is that a few months ago, we posted a photo that we had PURCHASED from a photo licensing agency, of Regina holding a black dog. This photo, although not belonging to Warner, although purchased by us for specific use on our blog, and by purchasing, had the rights to use, was also removed for copyright violation with the bulk of other random urls they (Warner) sent to Tumblr. Also, we reasoned that I Cut off my Hair is not "The Party", because if it was, this new demo would've been removed for copyright reasons, as other demos have been removed (most recently the demo of Baby Jesus - very confusing). There have also been live versions of songs that have been removed from Tumblr. It's really not a major issue, though. People just have to be careful what they share on Tumblr, and we have not received any additional copyright complaints (knock on wood).
  17. post your favorite photos of regina

    quote: Originally posted by Reginaoverdose: quote: Originally posted by reginapolisblog: It's related to this photo from 2006ish, which is slightly darker (possibly due to editing)...but she's wearing the same outfit. YAYAYAYAYAY! WELCOME REGINAPOLISBLOG! Is this a single person or all of you who own and run the blog? Great find btw, it's wonderful. Thanks!!! It's just me (Aly) for now.
  18. My new piano tutorial for "All the Rowboats"

    This is a really great tutorial and you have a really nice speaking voice (sorry if that sounds creepy!).
  19. quote: Originally posted by benmoody0220: It is very sad. I only hoard the Amanda songs cause she's asked people not to post them online (and of course I had to have them), but I share them with my friends and anyone who might ask. The other reason is, cause they're useful to trade with people to get certain tracks. If this "thecalculation" on is an Amanda fan (anyone know?) I could offer a trade in return for those Regina tracks I have (i know they share a lot of fans). Anyone know? I'm more than happy to help. I (Aly) own "thecalculation" account, and like I posted before, stuff on is not always what it seems (which is why people should ask before accusing). The tracks that were scrobbled as "Demos" are the same tracks that everyone has. Here's a zip of the Demos folder from my iTunes library: I labeled these tracks as "Demos" for personal reasons, as a way of organizing my own library, which is very messy at the moment, due to having changed computers twice in the last year and re-importing things. They were not meant to confuse anyone and I certainly didn't think they'd become a matter of public speculation. It would've probably been more accurate to label some of these "Live", but again, this is from my personal library and my own way of organizing songs. Sorry to everyone for the confusion!! Although there are demos of these live songs out there somewhere, I don't have them and I'm certainly not into hoarding. I'm also not into the business of "trading" things. I give freely without asking or expecting anything in return. People email me all the time asking for things like Marina & the Diamonds demos, and Lana Del Rey demos and I give these freely. There are quite a few people who can attest to this. I draw the line at sharing demos of things that an artist specifically doesn't want out, and I don't support leaks. As hungry as people are for new content, this should always be respected. When the first Beauty song leaked a few months ago, we reblogged it on Tumblr from someone who had originally posted it. Thought it was just a harmless, random demo. Quite a few other Regina Tumblrs reblogged the original post as well. The next thing we knew, is posting an article on their website claiming that we're "streaming" a Beauty song, with a link to our Tumblr in the article. We were really confused about that, because we hadn't actually posted the leak, wasn't completely sure that it was a leak, but it was later revealed to be a leak. So we deleted the reblog and vowed never to reblog anything that had sketchy origins, just out of respect for the artist and all the hard work put in, because no one wants to be associated with a leak. Sorry to be rambling, but this is something that really bothered me and wanted to clear that up. To anyone that might have those much sought after Regina demos: please share! What fun is it keeping it to yourself when there are so many people who should be enjoying it too?!
  20. post your favorite photos of regina

    It's related to this photo from 2006ish, which is slightly darker (possibly due to editing)...but she's wearing the same outfit.
  21. quote: Originally posted by benmoody0220: quote: Originally posted by ShutMeUp: They're definitely demos. The length of the first version of a track scrobbled on last fm is the standardized track length. But these songs are all in a folder labeled demos. The demos are out there, people just aren't sharing. We just need to be more proactive about asking for them. They can't ignore all of us. What would motivate them to exchange them would be a trade. Offer them something you know (or think) they want and they'll hand it over. It's kinda how I got all of Amanda Palmer's unreleased tracks (oops, did I say that outloud? No..I typed it. Oh well). Just a bit of advice. Happy Hunting, Stixers! It's ridiculous that people should have to trade things to get things, but this is often the case.
  22. quote: Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs: quote: Originally posted by ShutMeUp: Also, Blackbirds is just an interlude from a live show in 2003. Not an actual song. Just Regina banter. Some facts about this? Which show? Recording? Does she quote the entire thing written out as lyrics on that lyrics site or what? It's literally just an interlude from a 2003 show. There's applauding and Regina talking at the end, but no song and no lyrics. This is something that was mis-labled and scrobbled to There are a lot of things on that are not always what they appear, because it's too easy to rename things and scrobble them, and people often do it on purpose to troll users who are genuinely seeking real songs. If "with the blackbirds" is a real song - and there has been no solid evidence of this so far - it would be much longer than 0:44, based on the lyrics.