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  1. Regina KCRW Los Angeles Show- Free Tickets

    great! melissa and marco i have you both down! i think KCRW will send you further information but if they don't, your names will be at will call! see you at 7:30pm! at the address listed above! also to anyone else that's interested, the offer is now closed.
  2. Hey Everyone, i work for WBR and have 10 extra tickets to giveaway for Regina's KCRW show. Anyone interested? The show is on 8/15. You must arrive by 7:30. The location is in santa monica: Apogee's Berkeley Street Studio 1715 Berkeley St. Santa Monica, CA 90404 These are guest list spots only. If you'd like to attend, please reply with your first and last name, how many tickets total you want, and your email. i'll reply and confirm by 11:30am tomorrow. To prove this is legit, here's a link to my twitter: Hopefully i can find fans that want to go to the show! it will be an intimate gig! Thanks guys!