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  1. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much! haha. I'm sorry, this is just really exciting.
  2. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song. I'll post afterwards which ones you can't, so I don't get duplicates, haha.
  3. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    It seems like so much, I'm so sorry if this is a problem! A cooler version of yourself Ain’t no cover Bartender Dead Rat Dust to Dust Eighth floor Happy hooker Ink stains Mermaid Riot gear Secret stash The Bronx The Devil come to Bethlehem The Mustard Musketeers The noise The virgin queen Uncle Bobby Woolen gloves
  4. The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

    This could be a stupid question, but if we list the songs we don't have; is there a possibility we could be sent them?
  5. What are you Eeting right now?

    Russian beef stew with a large coke, haha
  6. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Stats Sean 23 male straight single Connecticut English, and a little Russian Deli Worker (Stop & Shop,) Crew N00b (Dunkin) Piano, bass, writing, Finance, piano, pro wrestling, woodworking everyone gets what they need, no one needs to die Mormon (NOT a Romney supporter) Cranberry juice, stuffing, quesadillas lime green Palahniuk, Tolstoy, Shakespeare Parks and Recreation, the Office, Community, Arrested Development, Dexter 50/50, every Kubrick movie, Tarantino Everything but Nickleback I wanted something new, My old friend's band covered "Uh-Merica" Uh-Merica, That Time/Your Honor, Re-jazz, Firewood, Oedipus, All my friends are at least 8" taller than me My Uncle John, Regina It Ended Starting school again