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  1. 2013-08-13 Prague, CZE

    I will have one spare ticket for Regina show In Prague. I bought two, but my girlfriend wouldn't be able to go. If you guys are interested, let me know. It's almost sold out (right now you can only buy tickets in Prague at the venue). Price is offcourse the same as it's on the ticket. I will be in Prague since Monday morning, so we can meet anytime (or I could sent it to you as an e-ticket).
  2. Regina announced in Poland

    Oooh yes! You can't imagine how happy I am! This will be second Regina's gig in Poland and a third one in my life Already got tickets. Also, Krakow is as amazing and beautiful as everyone says. Anyone else will be there?!
  3. European Tour

    Does anyone go to the concert in Berlin? We'll arrive next friday from Poland. If anyone would like to have a beer before the gig, or maybe make some sightseeing during the weekend, we could join you with pleasure
  4. European Tour

    Woohoo! I have tickets in my hand and just booked our hostel in Berlin! Can't even express how happy I am!
  5. Cheap seats my arse

    Hi! Please don't be mad about ticket prices, as you are in quite good situation comparing to mine! Poland so far isn't included in a tour, so I HAVE to travel to Berlin to see her again. Whole trip will cost me over a half of my monthly income (sadly Polish and German wages and prices are just incomparable). So those aren't cheap seats for me also, but I have no dobuts that it's worth it!
  6. European Tour

    quote: Originally posted by Emmerrrrrrr: Regina announced a German date too now, July 22nd in Berlin, Tempodrom.! I still can't beleive it, but I just ordered tickets to this show! This will be my second concert of Regina and my first trip to Berlin ever. Yes, I'm excited! I still hope for another date in Poland though. Does anyone else will be going to Berlin? Or maybe someone can recommend a cheap hostel to spend a weekend near the venue?
  7. European Tour

    Hello, I'm dying to see Regina again, but so far my country isn't on the list. If I come to London, could I count on some tips from you guys, for example how to get from the airport to the show and survive?
  8. Hello everyone (for the first time ever here). What do you guys think about rumours that Regina will also appear on Rock Werchter, Roskilde an Latitude Festival? As a polish Regina fan, I have also high hopes that she will also be in a line-up of Open'er Festival. Reg was there already in 2010 and this was amazing (and my one and only so far) concert. And if, by any chance, someone from Poland reads it, I invite you on our small polish fanpage of Regina - right here - https://www.facebook.com/spektoryzm.