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  1. Various videos of TV show performances

    Hi All, I became an instant fan of Regina after watching her perform "How" on Jay Leno. After that I have kept searching for other television show performances almost weekly. So far I have a few recordings of various shows I wanted to share with other fans. Unfortunately, some videos are not allowed on You tube so I had to post them on video bam. I have never heard of the site before but at least the videos are not getting flagged. Anyway here are the videos: EET on Saturday Night Live 2009?? (Unfortunately I believe there were two songs performed on the original show, but on rebroadcasts they edit out one of the performances! At least they did on the Betty White show where Jay Z performed Empire State of Mind. Either way, there is only one song performance in my recording.) Regina on Carson Daly: Call Them Brothers Small Town Moon Jay Leno: How (Check out the other thread on this show performance because there are better videos posted.) Jimmy Fallon: Dont Leave Me Disclaimer, no copyright infringement is intended. If posts like this are not allowed then mods please delete. I am assuming based on previous posts that this is ok. And finally, if you want to download the videos let me know via pm. The audio quality on the converting process is not the greatest. Enjoy!
  2. Tonight Show w/ Leno (2012-08-16)

    This show reaired the night of the 12th, and I recorded it in High Definition. The only problem with HD videos is the much greater file size, and lack of large file sharing sites. For instance the version that Appt provided was about 48mb, and the HD version I have is 375mb edited! I do like the Zippyshare site! And posted a sample of the HD version to check out the differences. (Sigh, if only Zippy took files larger than 200mb.) Anyway, if anyone is interested in getting the full HD video let me know. I dont know how to do it but pretty sure it can be done. I posted an HD video of the Fallon appearance in that thread, but I dont know how I got that one under 300mb to post on sendspace! The length of this one is the same and I am still stuck at 375 mb!! Oh well. I certainly dont want to distract from the great links already offered, but rather add to them for the die hards out there! Anyway its been a long hard day give your thoughts on how to share it if you want it. Cheers
  3. Tonight Show w/ Leno (2012-08-16)

    Just wanted to thank you again for posting those links. I love this song. I also sent it to a friend of mine that this song appeals to as well. Needless to say, Regina has two more fans!
  4. Regina on Jimmy Fallon, June 4th

    Hi Appt, Sorry for the delay in writing back. I am working a mixed up schedule this week, and next week too. I also wanted to take a stab at the link you sent on video help. And I wanted to try to do some sort of capture with the Leno performance of ‘How’ to see if I could possibly get a High Definition copy. So can we just say there is not enough time in the day for all of this! In short, in the US you can get a lot of free television channels if you build a Home Theater PC, and throw in a tv tuner card. This defined my situation for the past year and half. The only show I ever recorded was the Jimmy Fallon show, and I started it 5 minutes early to get the ending musical performance of the Jay Leno show. It is a little tedious to go in and edit out all of the musical performances. My hard drive would fill up in no time so that always meant going through numerous shows, to edit out the performances and create more space go through this all over again. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to me in February, but I didn’t record the first performance of Regina on the Fallon show! To make matters worse, I have since moved and pay for cable tv now. While I did record the Leno show of Regina performing ‘How’ it is on a Motorola DVR that does not allow video transfer. Now in the old days I had a tv tuner card that let you do a custom screen capture. But that is tedious and I don’t have the tools to do it anytime soon. Hopefully there will be a rebroadcast of the show eventually. (Crosses fingers.) Besides, that video you posted is quite good! Thank you for posting that! I definitely plan to get my HTPC set up and get back to recording those shows again, so I will definitely post any future performances of Regina online for you. Were you successful in downloading the video from the Fallon show? If so, what do think of the quality? Of course the DVRMS file is slightly better, and I hated to have to edit the start and end points to get it below the 300mb max file size for sendspace. If you know of any filesharing sites that offer more than 300mb in files, let me know. And of course, if you or anyone wants to play around with the DVRMS file let me know . This is a Windows Media Center file. Funny thing is I learned Handbrake also converts these DVRMS files to an MP4 format. But again, the audio drops dramatically. Oh well, I will look into it when I have time.
  5. Regina on Jimmy Fallon, June 4th

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on the Regina forums. I was recently blown away by the recent performance of Regina on the Jay Leno show! (Yes I know this is about the Jimmy Fallon show.) I must have been living under a rock all of this time, because, I have ever heard of Regina before that day. With that said, I must confess that I have a really bad habit of recording the Leno show and the Jimmy Fallon show and editing out the musical performances for my own personal use. I thought I would try to I uploaded Regina's performance on Jimmy Fallon on sendpace. Here is the link: Regina on Jimmy Fallon If you haven't used sendspace before, it requires a download tool to be installed, which I dont like. If anyone has any other suggestions for file sharing sites that are better, let me know. Other notes: 1) The file size is LARGE, around 280mb. That is because it is high definition. If you happened to check out the thread on the Leno show, and downloaded the video for the performance of 'How' through the link, you will find that video was only about 47mb in size. That is good, but if you maximized the video on a 22 inch monitor the edges get a little blurry. 2) My videos are recorded in Windows Media Center, which are then converted to a .DVR MS format. I use the program VideoReDo to convert it to a .mpeg format. I have noticed that the audio level DROPS SIGNIFICANTLY when converting from the DVRMS format to mpeg format. I compensate for that by bumping up the audio and it seems to work. Needless to say, in the conversion, the video suffers a little. It is a little darker than the original DVRMS format. If there are any video gurus that have a better solution to convert DVRMS to MPG I would love any suggestions. 3) I hope posting links like this are ok. Anyway, I hope someone likes the video. Cheers.