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  1. "Official" video for Call Them Brothers

    Yeah I tried it with the first one, too (with the bridge). Weird huh? Haha, makes me wonder if the last one was pure coincidence! Thanks! I've been reading the forums for some time now, but I had to make an account to point this out!! Haha.
  2. "Official" video for Call Them Brothers

    Hi guys, I wanted to say that the last 6 seconds of the video shows two photographs side by side; these were taken at a small distance and angle from each other and thus create a stereoscopic effect!! I love the fact that this was included in the video!! It's an interesting picture and I could only assume that Regina chose this one scene to be stereoscopic for a reason. For those hearing the word stereoscopic for the first time, it's fine -not a lot of people learn about this-, and it is a cool way to trick your brain into taking two slightly different-angled photographs and making a composite, a third full image which has depth and a "3D" feel. In order to see it, each eye must be trained on one photograph. I personally have found it easiest to look past the pictures, so that my left eye is focused on the left picture and my right on the right. You can look up stereoscopic pictures to practice, or also google "stereograms", though these usually refer to more difficult patters that create an amazing illusion and hidden figure/artwork. And just to be cool and join the club, I really liked this video; it does make me feel nostalgic and yearning for the simpler times of my youth (though of course, they only seemed that way). I especially like it's "stereogrammy" feel ;D Haha, sorry for the novel.