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  1. Someone wrote a song about Regina!

    Wow, what's with all these weird songs about Regi? If I'm gona be honest...that whole sleeping with Regina song is real creepy...and is it just me or does he remind anyone else of Quentin Tarrantino?
  2. Regina Song Showdown!

    open vs somedays
  3. And a Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to everyone! May it be a healthy and wealthy one!!
  4. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    Wow, such a beautiful song! That really is my type of music. It's so edgy, euphoric, surreal with that odd feeling of uncertainty. Abit like the empty warmth of a falling sunset. At least that's how it makes me feel. I've never heard it before so thanks for the introduction!
  5. help with song

    Ahh thankyou ill check them sites out maybe ill find some songs I haven't heard before. Regina's written so much music it's like a neverending treasure chest!
  6. help with song

    Thank you SO much! One of my favourite songs! And you did it very quickly aswell! Once again, thankyou! You have no idea how long I've wanted that song
  7. help with song

    Does anyone know where I can find a recording of that regi song "the clocks were asleep"? It used to be on youtube but I can't find it anymore. Help would be much appreciated
  8. help with song

    Does anyone know where I can find a recording of that regi song "the clocks were asleep"? It used to be on youtube but I can't find it anymore. Help would be much appreciated
  9. this one was on facebook. she has a pretty cool dress!!
  10. RAH 2nd July

    when she sang samson it was so beautiful i thought i was gona cry. Such a wonderful night - shame i had work early this morning, but i'm so glad i went. can't wait til my next chance to see her perform.
  11. RAH 2nd July

    queing already? Jesus you guys are eager! I'm going to be there but I don't finish work til 4
  12. Stats Name or nickname: Alex but everyone calls me Al Age: 22 but 23 next month Gender: male Orientation: straight Relationship status: Single Location: England Languages: English...that's all. Life Occupation: I'm a lowly factory worker lol Hobbies: I play piano and classical guitar. Exercising, tai chi, socialising with friends and reading if i get the chance. Interests: happiness and life Political Views: i don't really think about it Religious Views: i don't really think about it Favorite Things Foods: erm.... EVERYTHING Color: haha any colour, i don't mind Books: favourite book...erm..i like the tao te ching. oh and a christmas carol TV: i don't watch TV to be honest. Movies: erm..it's a wonderful life. Seven pounds. billy madison. i'm sure there's more but i can't think of any. Music: Regina Spektor (obviously), most stuff, i listen to lots of classical, and lots of blues and jazz, and modern music as well. There's too much to list!! Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: I like Taoism First time you heard Regina: i can't remember but i only really took notice last year sometime. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Loveology, Clocks were Asleep, Raindrops, folding chair, lucky penny, and so many more than five i can't really decide. Random fact about yourself: i dropped a heavy door on my leg and now it's really bruised and i have a nasty graze. Who/What inspires you: Albert Schweitzer's pretty cool. Best thing about last year: i took notice of Regi's music!! Looking forward to this year: getting a relationship at some point.
  13. Name that Reg Tune... in other words

    dulce et decorum est pro patria mori i only really got that one because i'm familiar with the poem!! (sort of cheating) erm... you are unaware but that's all's good, there's a possibility we'll meet anyway easy maybe... edit: oh and cool game by the way; and if anything it shows just how poetic Regina Spektor's lyrics are!