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  1. If anyone needs sheet music...

    quote: Originally posted by almostspotless: here ya go. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how long I've wanted to learn this song!
  2. If anyone needs sheet music...

    I would be eternally grateful if someone would transcribe Happy Hooker for me! it doesn't have to be exact in regards to the timing or anything because I'm not that good at reading sheet music anyway, all I need are the notes if no one wants to do it that's fine it would just be much appreciated!
  3. Seattle (Paramount Theater) August 9

    I was super sad because I've never gotten to see her live befor and I didn't have money for tickets, but this morning when I woke up my parents surprised me with an early birthday present and got me tickets in the second row! So who ever else is going we should like meet up or something!
  4. Good News Thread!

    I just want to start off by saying that honesty is rewarded. So today I was out with my dad and on the way home I tell him "You know the Steinway Piano Gallery is just down the street over there." he tells me we should go see it but I told him I was afraid we'd get kicked out because we have no intention of buying anything but he convinces me to go anyway. So we stop in and this guy come up to us and asks what we're in for. I told him that we actually had no intention at all of buying anything and I just wanted to look at the piano's because I loved them so much. he asked if I played and I said yes so then he tells me. "Well why don't you come with me over here." so he takes us into this room and turns on the lights and up on the stage was a concert grand piano and he says to me. "Why don't you play for a little while." so he leaves us and I sit down at the piano and it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I played seven Regina songs and almost started crying when I played Samson because it sounded so beautiful. So now honesty is my new policy because sometimes you'll get to play a concert grand piano
  5. My iPhone/iPad created Regina Spektor art gallery!

    ^^ That is amazing! I can't wait to see it finished!
  6. Can you name the Regina Spektor Albums?

    The only one I forgot was Apres Moi. and "no me quitte pas"? And how did they forget to put salor song on there?
  7. pictures and videos of interest...

    ^^ Yes! New Girl is amazing and one of my all time favorite shows!
  8. New vinyl on Record Store Day!

    I love these two songs, it's weird though when I listen to them it makes me think about what it would be like if she decided to sing in Russian instead of English. I know that's a weird thought but I'd still listen to her, she has such an amazing voice it doesn't matter what language she's speaking
  9. Stats Name or nickname: Alexa, I don't really have any nick names exept for this guy in my logic class who calls me "Thunder Cat" which I like Age: 19 Gender: Female Relationship status: single Location: Washington state Reg never comes over here Languages: English and a little bit of German Life Occupation: I'm a college student Hobbies: playing the piano and dancing Interests: isn't that the same things as hobbies? Religious Views: Sort of undicided Favorite Things Foods: My dad's amazing grilled cheese Color: Red Books: Myth of Sisyphus, and anything about mythology or history TV: New Girl Movies: Amelie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, Garden State, Science of Sleep, 500 days of summer. Music: REGINA! Bon Iver, Allen Stone, Horse Feathers, Jack White, lots of classical music, terrible buttons... the list goes on. Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: Cause 32 still a god damn number of course. First time you heard Regina: I'm embarrest to say it was after Begin to Hope came out. JC Penny's used Music Box on a commercial, from the moment the song started I was in love! Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: That's so hard! at the moment it is: 20 Years of Snow Secret Stash Prisoners Virgin Queen 8th Floor Random fact about yourself: I can stand up and jump on the back of a horse while it's trotting. Who/What inspires you: Regina, Philosophy, history, my brother, pretty things, music, watching people dance, Best thing about last year: Last year was the best and craziest year of my life, so many things happened that I can't even say! Looking forward to this year: hopefully it lives up to last year, hopefully Regina comes to Washington so I get to see her, hopefully I'll get over some things and some people that I can't seem to right now. I hope it's just a good year Oh and I've been lurking around this community for over a year now to keep up with Regina related things but I finally had to start posting because you all seem like amazing people and I wanted to get to talk to you guys