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  1. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    I love how pervasive Regina's toast face is on here TMBG is amaaazing! What's your favorite album?
  2. Gaga and Spektor

    Both artists are pretty different, but I adore them both for their own qualities. They're both my favorite artists, so it's really interesting comparing their differences as artists
  3. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Name or nickname: Abby Gender: Female Orientation: Student Relationship status: Single Location: New York Languages: English, a little bit of French :3 Life Hobbies: Writing, drawing, fencing, playing music, trying to make others smile Interests: Comedy, music, psychology, social science, podcasting, radio, stand-up, improv, writing. Political Views: Generally moderate, more towards the liberal side though. Politics aren't my strong suit. Religious Views: Still working on this one Favorite Things Foods: TOO MANY TO LIST. I just love food. Color: Fuchsisa Books: I like memoir-style books, but unfortunately I've been falling a bit off my reading wagon lately and I'm a bit disappointed in myself for it TV: Parks and Recreation, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, 30 Rock, The Office, South Park, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, Workaholics. Movies: Anything that can hold my attention I like Pulp Fiction, off the top of my head. Music: This chick named Regina Spektor, you probably haven't heard of her Lady Gaga, They Might Be Giants, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Ben Folds, The Beatles, Julie Fowlis, Scissor Sisters, Florence and the Machine, She&Him. I'll probably add on more as I think of them! Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: This follows a trend of French usernames I end up having on music forums for some reason, and I adore that song First time you heard Regina: I believe I just came across a video many years ago, it stuck in my head and I couldn't remember who she was for a long while. I came across the same video on youtube around 2 years ago, and I finally figured out who she was, and fell in love from there. Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Oh dear, this depends entirely on my mood! (In no particular order) 1) Daniel Cowman 2) Ne Me Quitte Pas 3) Us 4) Pavlov's Daughter 5) Bobbing For Apples Random fact about yourself: Hmm... I really enjoy doing makeup? Who/What inspires you: Many many people! Role models of mine include Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, Conan O'Brien, Ira Glass... It's an odd list. Best thing about last year: I achieved some personal goals based on bettering academic success and I was extremely proud of that. Looking forward to this year: I've got a Lady Gaga concert coming up in February that I'm pretty excited for Also excited for Christmas. I just LOVE Christmas. I'm very excited to get to know all of you guys!