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  1. 2002-04-17 The Living Room

    Thanks! sorry, I wasn't sure where to find it at first. :/
  2. 2002-04-17 The Living Room

    without starting a whole new thread, can someone help me find the recordings from the Jewish Heritage Festival she performed at? I tried over at, with no luck. maybe i just don't know how to look, but some help would be much appreciated.
  3. *NEW SONG* You've Got TIme

    Wow! can't believe she's working on a follow-up already, but i already can't wait! i wonder who she's gonna work with this time. i hope either someone new or David K, maybe even Gordon Raphael again.
  4. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    yeah, i guess i should take it down. :S just wish we knew more about it, because it's nothing like the other leaks.
  5. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    Audio posted here: I can put up a download link too assuming ChooSum doesn't get it to everyone.
  6. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    does anyone else remember the vocal only demo that appeared online last Spring? it sounds alot like these two, but i can't find any links, so it looks like it got taken down. i have a copy, though, so if no one else has it i'd be happy to share.
  7. Regina Song Showdown!

    Folding Chari vs. Rejazz
  8. Unknown song from 2001?

    I think you're right, but what about Two Sisters ?
  9. Unknown song from 2001?

    this is incredible - gives me hope we'll one day get to see her cover of 'criminal.'
  10. Regina Song Showdown!

    oooh, that's a hard one i'm gonna go with Us because i think i listen to it more. Us vs. Dead Rat
  11. New song! "Pure Perfection"

    Here's a random question that I couldn't find a place for, so i figured i'd post it here: does anyone have Romeo that wouldnt mind sharing it w/ me? i'm so sad i missed it, and i can't find a trace of it anywhere. i have the other three Beauty leaks, but that one remains elusive. do we know how many songs she did? how many statements has she made against the leaking of them--just that facebook post?
  12. interesting. which ones? i've checked BMI and ASCAP several times, and i've seen nothing either time. thanks for sharing.
  13. 11:11

    It's a masterpiece. Imo, it's like nothing she's ever done or will do ever again. I'm extremely interested in the info jesse posted recently about the outtakes from it. three songs, right? hopefully we'll get to hear them one day
  14. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    it really isn't, but thank you so much. :3
  15. Alex Heffes ft. Regina "Balloon Girl"

    Weird--they're not showing up anymore.
  16. Lana Del Rey.. a Regina fan!

    Wow! i think Regi is many more times the artist Lana is, but still, i like that they at least know eachother. they both knew david kahne too, which is pretty cool.
  17. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    i really like this idea. this song is just an odd mix of "happy" and sad, and this is the best interpretation i've heard besides taking the lyrics literally, which doesn't make sense anyway.
  18. Best Introductory Record?

    I think far. I adore SK and BTH the most, but Far is just a weird amalgamation of all her work that i definitely would recommend it to a friend to 'get them into' her first.
  19. a little bit of old info

    this is incredible. TY jesse very much!
  20. miss u! my favorite Regina blog. u guys gonna be back one day?


    i think so too.
  22. I definitely understand that. for me, it's a fantastic work just as 11:11 is. i myself am a post-Far fan, but i much prefer the Regina of Soviet Kitsch and before. as much as i have grown used to the original versions, i would still be curious 2 see some more of them re+recorded for future recordings