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  1. Hey I dreamt about Regina!

    In this dream she was a brilliant computer scientist, go figure!
  2. So which is your #1 song on Far?

    For me - "Genius Next Door". Just epic, moving, wondrous. I'll take it over the live version.
  3. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    Let's start out with a rant from Ariana Huffington: quote: SCARBOROUGH: Now "lizard brains" – is that what Americans did in '08 when they elected a state senator President of the United States? Was that fear? HUFFINGTON: No! That was hope, that was hope. SCARBOROUGH: Oh that's hope! So if a Democrat wins it's hope, if a Republican wins it's fear! (...) HUFFINGTON: It has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. It's when people are operating out of fear, they don't actually pay attention to data. Read more: Unreal.
  4. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    No doubt I've been banned.
  5. Who is a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore?

    Not trying to provoke anything, just want to see if hipsters ever eat meat.
  6. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    Seriously? I literally have removed her music from my library over this, and you accuse me of trolling? Typical leftist groupthink.
  7. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    So just continue to ignore the facts of the case. Like Trayvon pummeling George Z MMA-style...
  8. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    Juror says "Trayvon threw first punch": Will Regina & her celebrity friends care? Hell no!
  9. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    This is what Regina is standing up for?
  10. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    Let me guess, you liked it when OJ was acquitted despite the overwhelming evidence he murdered 2 people, because of "racial justice" reasons. Every case will be viewed through the racial lens, fuck the facts of the case. Notice how Regina doesn't give a shit about the facts of the case. She like all the other leftists in "the bubble", see black teen mowed down by "white" Hispanic who voted for Obama. Everything is through that lens, never mind the fact that T. Martin had 4 minutes to cover the last bit of distance to his house, but CHOSE to turn around and confront George Z instead. Let's forget his expulsion and pot possession too.
  11. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    Wow, just wow. Just the typical leftist bubble reaction. Fry Zimmerman, fuck the facts of the case.
  12. MusicLover's Politics Thread

    So, now that George Zimmerman has been acquitted, is it time for riots? Time to burn down all the cities? People will certainly discredit themselves depending on where they come down on this. If Regina publicly comes out for the rioters, I will delete ever last album I own of hers and never listen to her songs again.
  13. *NEW SONG* You've Got TIme

    This is an interesting new direction for her. I hope it means more of an alt-rock style on her next album and less cabaret-type numbers.
  14. Other good music

  15. Er..."Mad Libs" from Regina and Jack? What's this?

    I don't think the issue for me is between clean or over-produced. What I'd like to see is Regina challenging herself to make something bigger. Outside of Pavlov's Daughter, she' s never done a true epic.
  16. Er..."Mad Libs" from Regina and Jack? What's this?

    Songs is really a demo album. Why would she be proud of it?
  17. I made a cover or Regina with MBV's style.

    Honestly I don't see the connection. Regina is so much oriented towards acoustic instruments while MBV is all about heavy distortion and electronics.
  18. Other good music

    Sarah Slean "The Baroness Redecorates".
  19. Other good music

    Bat For Lashes "The Haunted Man", also an unreleased song "Lumen" you can find on Youtube beautiful stuff
  20. Other good music

    Several albums to share with everyone. My Blood Valentine's "mbv" Odesza "Summer's Gone" Placebo B3 EP
  21. Other good music

    Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
  22. Other good music

    Metallica's "One".
  23. Other good music

    I'd highly recommend the 90s band Slowdive.
  24. Wanting Regina to be successful...

    I think she's pretty successful. Just today the screenshot for iTunes 11 had the new album on the gallery of albums shown.
  25. Lana Del Rey.. a Regina fan!

    Also look into her "Unreleased" tracks on Youtube, they're really good and give a different feel from the more polished released stuff.