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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Hope, and just like everyone else I am a huge fan of Regina Spektor! My favorites of hers have to be Braille, Ghost of Corporate Future, All the Rowboats, Hotel Song, Carbon Monoxide, and Patron Saint. Sadly I have not yet had the chance to see her live, but hopefully I can in the future. I play piano and gutiar, and can be found frequently transcribing Regina's songs. I also am a big fan of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and Nerdfighters.

    You guys can visit my Regina Spektor appreciation tumblr:
    or my personal tumblr:

    I'd be happy to meey and chat with you guys, so don't be shy!
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  1. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    Ooh yeah, thats a good idea!
  2. Open (Down the road & up the hill)

    Well, this may seem sort of generic, but I think it's about Anne Frank. She seems to write a lot about the holocaust, and this one seems to fit to Anne Frank a lot, in my opinion. So lets start with "I am down the road and up the hill. I wait for you still Wires around my fingers Potentially lovely, perpetually human" I believe here "down the road and up the hill" is somewhere so close, but far as well, such as a Concentration camp. And perhaps she's waiting by the fence for someone she lost, hence wires around my fingers. In the Anne Frank movie, she stands there with her fingers wrapped around the fence, if you want to refer to that. "Potentially lovely, perpetually human." This is the ideas during the holocaust, (I guess) That she can never be truley lovely because she will always be human, and human is imperfect. "I am through those woods And past the trains. I wait here in vain scrubbing out the stains again" Concentraition camps were normally in a secluded place, perhaps in a forest, and the Jews were brought there by train. She's waiting in vain, again, for maybe someone who can help her, or someone to come get her and take her away. In the concentration camps the Jews had to do jobs and things, such as scrubbing the floor. Anne most likely had to do chores like this. (Im not an expert, just someone trying to explain the song) "I am in the room I've built myself. Four. Straight walls. One floor, one ceiling Day after day I wake up feeling Potentially lovely, perpetually human. Suspended and open." This part I believe is Anne thinking its her fault that she's here, which it isn't. "The room she built herself" is something she could have prevented, or done differently, even though that isn't true. We also know that Anne died of pneumonia, which might explian the wonderful gasps for breath in this song. Lastly, "Suspended and Open" means to me that she has no secrets any more. Noting to hide, she is "suspended and open" so that everyone can see who she is. I hope you guys sort of agree with my song break down. Im sort of new at this. "Open" really is a beautiful song, though. Feel free to tell me what you think, whether you agree or disagree.
  3. If anyone needs sheet music...

    I would love to see the piano solo in Firewood, so that I could play that. I would also like to see Ghost of Corporate future, or Carbon Monoxide, since those are some of my favorites. I think its really neat that you can write lie this! I've transcribed a few easy ones by myself, but I've never written them down for anyone.