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  1. Old Photos from Original Website

    I recognize the bottom two from the second set... One of them was used as the embedded album artwork for a few mp3's from that big .zip file of Regina's demos/outtakes/live and unreleased (at the time) songs that's been floating around the internet for years. Called or something like that? I don't remember. But it's nice to finally see it larger size! The squished little thumbnail kind of made it look like Regina was on fire or something lol.
  2. Where can i find these Regina songs?

    My apologies, I wasn't looking closely and didn't notice that your profile picture was of Regina... for some reason I thought it must be you for some reason haha. BUT! On this same topic, it IS worth noting that the show where she played By The Time You Read This Letter WAS recorded. I forget where on here, but somewhere deep in this forum there is (or was?) a reference to that specific show, it's setlist, and the presence of people recording it. If I remember correctly, she played some other fairly uncommon songs that day as well... I seem to remember I Cut Off My Hair being on the list? I don't really remember. Expect an edit to this post if I find a link to one I'm referencing... *edit* Didn't take as long as I thought. Link-y to show info on here:
  3. Where can i find these Regina songs?

    I think she's referring to a satirical post on page three where somebody posted a link to a picture of a letter with the link title of "By the time you read this letter." It was a joke - the picture the account was hosted on is now suspended. But if you weren't around to have seen that and remember it from years ago, you'd probably never realize it wasn't a real song being posted. It's little things like this, that lead to confusion years down the line.
  4. Don't apologize for the bump! It might be nice to bring attention to this thread again, see if anybody might have discovered anything new over the last year or so since people were talking about these tracks. I know that I personally haven't, but I've also curtailed my efforts quite a bit. I used to have 4 or 5 different P2P networks installed on my computer that were set to constantly monitor for Regina tracks, and I used to troll through torrent lists and internet archives looking for stuff... But now I mostly just sit back and hope that something surfaces, because I feel like there isn't really anything "out there" on the internet anymore that hasn't been found yet. It would have to be somebody in possession of something privately deciding to share that would lead to new vintage material. But still! One can hope! Let's not forget those fantastic videos with her and Renate Hug released this last year! There's definitely more stuff in the world to be heard - Whether or not the people who have it want to share is up to them.
  5. Unknown song from 2001?

    Probably the earliest known video, except for maybe this one of her doing I Want to Sing? However, the demo tape was still from 1999, so it's the earliest known recordings of her. I'm pretty sure it's earlier than Mockingbird...
  6. 2012-10-08 @ State Theatre, Portland, ME

    My first post under my (sorta) new username! The board unfortunately seems to think I never updated to my current email address before the old board closed (though I have the email confirming it......), so I'm locked out. This new one will have to do! But on topic! I am so lucky to have attended this show! It was a sort of spur of the moment thing, found out she was playing about a week and a half before the show, and decided to get tickets with a friend and brave the 2 hour drive up to Maine. Not ONLY was the show amazing, but I ALSO got to FINALLY MEET REGINA AFTER THE SHOW. AHHHH. I died. On the inside at least. I even got a photo with her! But to add to the coolness! I struck up a conversation with her drummer Mathias, whom I had met approximately 6 months earlier at her Boston MA show, and after talking for a bit, he invited my friend and I to follow him to a local bar, where we got to have a drink with all three members of her backup band before they left for Montreal! Words can't even express how cool that was, to be one-on-one with the musicians whom she interfaces with regularly, to learn about their own histories, their time with her, etc. etc. etc. All in all... an amazing night. And The taste of Sierra Nevada Torpedoes will always make me think back to drinking with Regina's band! I'm still pretty damn star-struck, to tell y'all the truth. Me and Regina!!!
  7. a little bit of old info

    Maybe one of these songs could be that song that we only have the short clip of, with the dancing umbrella woman? "Some people know how to walk on water, and others have to learn how to swim..." Though from what we've heard of the song, it really wouldn't fit any of the titles. But who knows? I'm hoping I get to meet her after the Portland ME show in 6 days. I'd like to ask her about it lol.
  8. Regina songs that are hard to listen to

    I had always envisioned the last verse of Buildings, where she jumbles up lines from the earlier verses, to represent the alcoholic wife jumping off a building to kill herself, and those lines representing her life, her past flashing before her eyes as she plunges down, her last living thought to herself being about how tall buildings are these days...
  9. quote: I don't know if I'm the first to figure it out or not, but this performance was in March 2001! Via the amazing way-back machine (, I went to a 2002 version of, and in the "Photo Album" section, there are some Swiss newspaper cut-outs of Regina and Renate Hug at the Marabu which the captions say are from March 2001. And in two of them (photos of her playing "One String Blues" and "Braille") she is wearing the same outfit as the video! This video is such an amazing find!!! Isn't that the same cliping which featured a picture of her playing Pavlov's Daughter live??? Or am I thinking of something else? Because I do remember seeing those clippings when I popped on that same site like a year ago... never thought we'd ever see any of those performances. Wow.
  10. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    So I'm still working on editing down some of the videos that I shot.... but I'm just curious, did anyone happen to get a full recording of the show? All I've seen so far are a couple of fragmented songs. If I can remember off the top of my head, I have recordings of "Ain't No Cover," "The Calculation," "Small Town Moon," "Blue Lips," "Patron Saint," "How," "All the Rowboats," "Sailor Song," "Better," "Ne Me Quitte Pas," and "Open." However. That's not nearly enough. Hopefully someone else got Silly Eye Color Generalizations, Call Them Brothers, Eet, Fireword (I got like 20 seconds of Firewood! lol), Oh Marcello, Laughing With, Us, The Party, Fidelty, and Samson! That's like practically half the show!! And if anybody happened to record Only Son opening, I'd love to see it. I had to unfortunately delete my recording of their show to make room for Regina, as I was unaware that taking videos takes up a LOT of space. *EDIT* Just found recordings of Laughing With, Samson, Fidelity, Silly Eye Color Generalizations, and Call them Brothers. That just leaves Us, The Party, Oh Marcello, Firewood, and Eet! Which I can remember, were FANTASTICALLY performed. Particularly Firewood. I wept.
  11. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    I like how the article refers to Silly Eye Color Generalizations as an "improvised" piece. lol. This woman needs to learn mo' bout Regina's oeuvre. On that note... I'm still devestated that she said no to Buildings. It's not even like she said, "ph I can't remember it," or , "oh I don't really like that one," ... just... "No way." Sort of implying that, yeah, I could totally play this right now. But I'm not gonna. No. Way. And I wanna hear itttttttt. Sooooooo baddddddddddddd. *edit* And I just wanted to throw in: I was just as loud as anyone else in there in between songs. But I was quite appalled by the amount of needless shouting and noise DURING songs... It was slightly obnoxious... Though I love how everyone just sort of shut up all at once for "Open," hahaha.
  12. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    Oh dear sweet lordy jesus. That was the most fantastic thing I've ever seen in my days. I just, I can't even begin to describe the amazement that is consuming my soul right now. I was able to record parts of the show ... most of the beginning, select parts of the middle and end. My device started to run out of memory really quickly and I ended up deleting my video of Only Son's performance halfway through to make room for more Regina... Unfortunately my friend who recorded a few more of the songs when I ran out of memory ended up losing her recordings when her phone rebooted. Anyone else get a good recording of the show? I'll eventually upload mine but I gotta edit out all the gasping and excited noises I make when a song starts........ And two things that stood out to me last night: Regina: "And I steamed my hand, accidentally, and had to run it under cold water... and I'm wearing new shoes, and couldn't figure out how to lace them... but anyways... yeah. I'm a professional!" And when a handful of the audience started shouting for Regina to play Buildings and she replied, "No way." Basically crushed my hope of ever hearing that song again. So upsetting.
  13. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    Omg it's tonight. I just... I can't... Omg. Ugh. Can't. Even. Verbalize. I'll be hoping for a quick meet and greet as well! If I got an autograph I might die.
  14. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    SO UM IT's 12:01. Which means the concert is TOMORROW. OMFG. I don't even know what to do. I've never been quite this excited before.
  15. Boston, 5-10-12, at the Orpheum Theater

    NINE DAYS! NINE DAYSSSSS!!!! I MIGHT DIE. Just used my promo code to redeem my digital copy of the album when it comes out. SO EXCITED. Thought that only the pre-sale people got it. But turns out it's all pairs of tickets at Boston, Philly, and NYC shows. SO CRAZY. AHHHH. I might be having a mild cardiac infarction from the excitement. But seriously. NINE (9!!!!!) DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!