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  1. I made a cover or Regina with MBV's style.

    If both were similar, make a version wouldn't make sense. By the way, MBV has a solid pop backgrounds.
  2. Well, that's it. My girlfriend asked me to make a Regina's song with My Bloody Valentine's style, so I did. I chose Better. I'm asking for opinions. : ) P.S: New MBV's album is awesome. P.S2: Sorry about my English...
  3. WWSFTCS Cover Art

    I like that How cover. But I think that a minimalist style would go better with Regina... or that is just my taste, I don't know.
  4. Gaga and Spektor

    I respect to all who likes Gaga, but I don't like her. I find her a person who needs acting in her shows and clips to get attention. Someone who uses music to get attention is a truly musician.
  5. Well, hi. Stats Name or nickname: Loveless, related to the album. Age: 20 Gender: Male. Orientation: Heterosexual. Relationship status: I'ts complicated. Location: Spain. Languages: Spanish, English. Life Occupation: Student. Hobbies: Videogames and arts, and music above all. (Making it, too) Interests: Many. Political Views: Apolitical. Religious Views: Areligious. Favorite Things Foods: Fried hare. Color: Cyan. Books: The pianist (by Vázquez Montalbán) and The Picture of Dorian Gray. TV: Six feet under, Community and South park. Movies: Eternal sunshine of spotless mind and all Kauffman stuff, and Kevin Smith. Music: Ehhh... just look at this. Misc Origin or meaning of your Username: The last My bloody valentine's Album. First time you heard Regina: Months ago a friend showed me, but I didn't care. Then I listened Soviet kitsch... Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: I don't like to listen loose songs, but... Oedipus, The flowers, Chemo Limo, Oh marcello, Pavlov's daughter, etc etc etc etc etc. Random fact about yourself: I'm music. Who/What inspires you: Kevin shields. Best thing about last year: Music. Looking forward to this year: Listen and make more music.