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  1. Other good music

    this sounds so good
  2. Other good music

    Other artist i dscovered a time ago

    Sorry to be late, i guess isn't so important Happy Birthday!!! ¡Felicidades! Thank you so much for your music. The Spain's facebook fan site has remembered this date too
  4. Good News Thread!

    with time, the collection will increase, I'm pretty sure
  5. Good News Thread!

    this was in my mailbox today , is a fantastic new, right?
  6. Other good music

    XD, is true, the first time i heard her was strange, i didn't hope that accent, but with time i'm used to it how i'd have liked to be in that great concert
  7. Other good music

    do you know Imelda May? I love her music. other artist that i recently discovered and likes me is Nick Waterhouse
  8. Regina is everywhere

    There is a current TV commercial where "The Call" appears. Hear Regina in the commercial made me search more information about her, and now I'm a Reginaholic.
  9. post your favorite photos of regina

    I really love this picture I never saw it before.
  10. reg song you disliked,AT FIRST

    Oh Marcello and pavlov's daughter are a good example, but with more listens things changed. There is other group that have the same effect on me, i mean, i have to listen a couple of times until i get it, is a group called Love of Lesbian PD: Sorry for my english, isn't my native language.
  11. reg in the news

    this also happens to me, i'm more interested in Russian language since i've discovered her music and i'd like to learn it, but is so difficult
  12. Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire

    Thanks for this easy way to introduce myself, here i go Name or nickname: Irene Age: 23 Gender: Female Orientation: Homosexual Location: Madrid, Spain Languages: Spanish and enough English to understand this forum Occupation: currently, I'm student of Network and computer systems administration. I'm also an unemployed nurse Hobbies: Listen music, sing, play videogames and board games like carcassone or catan, watch a lot of tv series and female basketball... Interests: Music, computers, science, medicine, discover new cultures, basketball Foods: there are few foods that i don't like. Color: black Books: fantasy (i love Tolkien mythology), science-fiction and science are my favourites genres TV: I'm a big freak of Fringe. I also like Dexter, The walking dead, The X-Files... Movies: i like classic cinema, Tim Burton's films, science fiction and fantasy films. Music: a lot of genres, indie pop, rockabilly, grunge, rock and metal, blues, jazz, classic music, celtic music, videogames OST, I love to find new music that shock me, like the case of regina spektor. Origin or meaning of your Username: is the name of one character of Fringe, the Agent Astrid Farnsworth First time you heard Regina: I don't remember well, but first time i didn't put the enough atention on her music. The second time was in a TV comercial, i started to search more information about the music of that comercial and i listened regina again, but this time was different, her music amazed me Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Very difficult question. Apres Moi, Consequence of sounds, Hotel song, On the radio, Us Random fact about yourself: i'm a night creature, because my circadian rythms are completely changed. It's 4:22 AM and i'm awake. Who/What inspires you: Any person that , with effort and ilusion, can do anything if he or she wants it Best thing about last year: Music is always the best thing, the only good thing of last year.