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    Agent_Farnsworth reacted to kaoir in Other good music   
    Very nice groove!
    This sort of reminds me of Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace (electroswing).

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    Agent_Farnsworth got a reaction from kaoir in Other good music   
    Other artist i dscovered a time ago

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    Agent_Farnsworth got a reaction from RJLupin2 in Good News Thread!   
    this was in my mailbox today , is a fantastic new, right?
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    Agent_Farnsworth reacted to himynameism in Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire   
    I love Star Wars!!!! I have a cat named R2-D2 Welcome to the stix!
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    Agent_Farnsworth reacted to MusicLover_2007 in Other good music   
    Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond

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    Agent_Farnsworth reacted to robertaxel in post your favorite photos of regina   
    Rack 'em up!

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    Agent_Farnsworth reacted to Kateateyou in post your favorite photos of regina   
    Same shoot as the armed n' jet lagged one
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    Agent_Farnsworth got a reaction from RJLupin2 in reg song you disliked,AT FIRST   
    Oh Marcello and pavlov's daughter are a good example, but with more listens things changed. There is other group that have the same effect on me, i mean, i have to listen a couple of times until i get it, is a group called Love of Lesbian
    PD: Sorry for my english, isn't my native language.
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    Agent_Farnsworth got a reaction from RJLupin2 in Regina is everywhere   
    There is a current TV commercial where "The Call" appears. Hear Regina in the commercial made me search more information about her, and now I'm a Reginaholic.

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    Agent_Farnsworth got a reaction from RJLupin2 in Introduce Yourself! Brümstix Questionnaire   
    Thanks for this easy way to introduce myself, here i go
    Name or nickname: Irene
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Homosexual
    Location: Madrid, Spain
    Languages: Spanish and enough English to understand this forum
    Occupation: currently, I'm student of Network and computer systems administration. I'm also an unemployed nurse
    Hobbies: Listen music, sing, play videogames and board games like carcassone or catan, watch a lot of tv series and female basketball...
    Interests: Music, computers, science, medicine, discover new cultures, basketball
    Foods: there are few foods that i don't like.
    Color: black
    Books: fantasy (i love Tolkien mythology), science-fiction and science are my favourites genres
    TV: I'm a big freak of Fringe. I also like Dexter, The walking dead, The X-Files...
    Movies: i like classic cinema, Tim Burton's films, science fiction and fantasy films.
    Music: a lot of genres, indie pop, rockabilly, grunge, rock and metal, blues, jazz, classic music, celtic music, videogames OST, I love to find new music that shock me, like the case of regina spektor.
    Origin or meaning of your Username: is the name of one character of Fringe, the Agent Astrid Farnsworth
    First time you heard Regina: I don't remember well, but first time i didn't put the enough atention on her music. The second time was in a TV comercial, i started to search more information about the music of that comercial and i listened regina again, but this time was different, her music amazed me
    Top 5 Regina Spektor songs: Very difficult question. Apres Moi, Consequence of sounds, Hotel song, On the radio, Us
    Random fact about yourself: i'm a night creature, because my circadian rythms are completely changed. It's 4:22 AM and i'm awake.
    Who/What inspires you: Any person that , with effort and ilusion, can do anything if he or she wants it
    Best thing about last year: Music is always the best thing, the only good thing of last year.