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Found 1 result

  1. Regina Merchandise

    I'm seeking to purchase official Regina t-shirt/merchandise but this isn't an easy task for me since I missed her US tour dates. What happened to the official store? (Or was there ever one?). With that said, I'm hoping that someone can help me purchase official Regina merchandise, particularly shirts. It would be wonderful if anyone has an extra shirt they acquired at her show that they are possibly willing to sell. Or maybe you have tickets to upcoming shows and can possibly grab one for me as well. That or simply post links (if it's allowed at least) to where I can purchase official Regina merchandise. I have seen a few shirts here and there floating around, but I'm quite picky you see: - Must be any other color but white - Preferably with Regina Spektor's name written somewhere - Preferably size Small but Medium will work, also As for transaction, we can perhaps discuss and agree on using one of the popular internet services so there is no conflict. This request might seem outrageous but I thought I would give it a shot since I'm that much in love with Regina's music, and I figured her wonderful fans would somehow understand my enthusiasm. If not, I truly apologize and will patiently wait to find an official merchandise on my own. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!