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Favourite Regina Album?

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Its very close between songs and soviet kitsch for me, but i think songs nicks it just. Lacrimosa, Lulliby and Lounge are so beautiful, both musically and lyrically.

ALso Daniel Cowman, Oedipus, Prisoners & Bon Idee are amazing!

And Ne Me Quitte Pas is a lovely little light-hearted ending.

If i had to put the albums in order it would be (at the moment):


Soviet Kitsch

Begin to Hope


I reckon her next album will definitely challenge for the top spot tho. Some of her new songs are sublime!

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I like all her albums, there's at least one f*cking amazing song in each of them.

11:11 -> Braille, Buildings, Pavlov's Daughter

Songs -> Consequence of Sounds, Prisioners, Daniel Cowman, Samson

Soviet Kitsch -> Ode To Divorce, Poor Little Rich Boy, Carbon Monoxide, The Flowers, Us, Sailor Song, Your Honor, Ghost Of Corporate Future, Chemo Limo, Somedays... oops!

Begin to Hope -> Fidelity, Apres Moi, 20 years of Snow, Summer in the City, On the Radio, Music Box, Baobabs.

So, based on that, my favorite albums, in order, are:

1. Soviet Kitsch

2. Begin to Hope

3. Songs

4. 11:11

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