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Ok if any one wants mockingbird, here is what you do.


1. Go here


2. Right click on "mocking bird' by Regina

Spektor. and choose save link as.


3. Once the link file has downloaded to your hardrive then right click on it and choose "open with..." choose a text editing program like notepad, word, or wordpad etc etc. to open the file.


4. once you have it open in notpad you will see this adresss


5. copy and past it into your web browser and it will play through a web based quicktime player. In your web browser (i am using mozilla Firefox) go to the "tools" tab and click on "page info". in page info go to the media tab and and there will be a button "save as". click on this button and it will prompt you to begin the download of Mockingbird as an mp3 file instead of the M3U file you originally saved and played it as.


***6.*** yes i know it is possible to achieve this result in fewer steps, but i thought it was import for people reading to understand how the process is done so that it might empower them to easily download songs from other sites in their future.

.................... Love,


P.S. or just IM/email me and i will send you the mp3 file ...whatever.




and also everyone should start using Mozilla Firefox as their default browser. It is superior to internet explorer in every way. And you wont get as many viruses or pop ups.

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