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The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

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Hi! I'm new to the 'stix but I am far from new to Regina Smiler If I had known there was such a place like this earlier I would have been here!

Anyways, I wish I had gotten here sooner because I was all on my own searching for new songs! Fortunately though I found most of them myself. However there are a few I'm missing and I'm totally willing to trade because I have quite the collection Smiler

Ain't No Cover (Is there an Official Version? Because I have the Live Version

All is Love

Baobabs (the Demo version)

Film Score Project

Modern Girls... (Live version?)

My Man (official version? have live)

The Noise " "

Pound of Flesh " "

Thanks so much! My email is tessa(dot)danielle(at)gmail(dot)com

Again I'd be more than happy to trade! I have everything else in many formats! (minus the ones no one has :P )

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Additionally I have the album "White Session" which has official recordings of:

1. Sailor Song (different than SK)

2. Time is All Around

3. Down the Road and Up the Hill

4. Bobbing for Apples

So for the spektography, 2-4 should add that they have official recordings.

And I personally have seen "Down the Road and Up the Hill" more often than "Open up Your Heart"

Edit: ALSO I have some recordings from "Random Studio Sessions" that have official recordings of:

1. Mockingbird

2. Fidelity (Blockhead Remix)

3. Little Boxes

4. Folding Chair

5. Paris

So here 4 and 5 have official recordings so you can add that to the list.

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