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The Complete Spektography - Every. Single. Song.

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Originally posted by Appt:

Originally posted by ohmarcello:

so, she has never sung Paris live??**

**that we know of


she did sing it at least twice; both recordings can be found on

2002-12-21 New York, NY, Sidewalk Cafe

2003-05-11 Brooklyn, NY, Barbes

thanks! it didn't have the "lrec" next to it on the list so i thought it meant that there was not a live recording of it.. ?? sorry.

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Yahoo music has a good portion of her songs listed which I think is pretty awesome.


Also I stumbled across Reg's name on Urban Dictionary and one of the posts said that Regina's said that she has written over 700 songs. Don't know if that is true or not but if it is that is pretty awesome.

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The "Need to be updated list" has been updated:

A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is - change to - Left Hand Song - Off LRec

Ain't No Cover - Off OffLRec LRec

Aprés Moi - Off OffLRec LRec

Blue Lips - Off OffLRec LRec

BYOS - Dem LRec

Carefully Laid Plans - change to - Ballad of a Politician LRec

Carbon Monoxide - Off OffLRec Dem LRec

Chicken Song - Dem rare

Cinderella - Dem rare

Dance Anthem of the '80s - Off LRec MVid

Eet - Off LRec MVid

Fidelity - Off OffLRec LRec MVid

Field Below - Off OffLRec LRec

Firewood - LRec

Folding Chair - Off OffLRec Dem LRec

Ghost of Corporate Future - Off OffLRec Dem LRec

Hero (of the Story) - Off Dem LRec

Ink Stains - LRec

I Want to Sing - Off LRec

Laughing With - Off OffLRec LRec MVid

Lounge - Off LRec

Machine - Off LRec

Man of a Thousand Faces - Off OffLRec LRec MVid

Oh, Marcello - LRec

One More Time, With Feeling - Off OffLRec LRec

Paris - Dem LRec


Riot Gear - Off LRec

Rockland County - LRec Dem

Sailor Song - Off OffLRec LRec

School is Out - Dem rare

Soup - Dem LRec

The Sword & Pen - Off LRec

The Calculation - Off LRec

The Call - Off LRec

The Floor Heard Everything - LRec

The Flowers - Off OffLRec LRec

Time Is All Around Off LRec

Two Birds - Off LRec

20 Years of Snow - Off OffLRec Dem LRec

Covers and Collaborations

All Conquering (with The Crimea) - Off

All is Love (with Anders Griffen) - Off

Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen Cover) - LRec

Don't Close Your Eyes on Me (with The Crimea) - Off

Fire (with Kimya Dawson) - Off

Halikha LeKesariya (Eli, Eli Cover) - Off LRec

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover) - LRec

Hell No (with Sondre Lerche) - Off LRec

Kids (with Anders Griffen) - Off

Light Brigade (with The Crimea) - Off

Little Boxes (Malvina Reynolds Cover) - Off

Love Profusion (Madonna Cover) - LRec

Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men (with The Strokes) - Off LRec

My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) (Peggy Lee Cover) - Off

No Surprises (Radiohead Cover) - Off LRec

Opposite Ends (with the Crimea) - Off

Raining Planets (with the Crimea) - Off

Real Love (The Beatles Cover) - Off LRec

Requiem Aeternam (with The Crimea) - Off

Sunset (with Anders Griffen) - Off

Voice on Tape (with Jenny Owen Youngs) - Off

Where the Cold Wind Blows (with Nickel Eye) - Off

Weird (with The Crimea) - Off

You Don't Know Me (with Ben Folds) - Off OffLRec LRec

Enjoy, and here's hoping we hear some new songs soon! (fingers crossed)

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