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Frank Nit

new songs...

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You lose stable internet access for several months and bam!!! This forum has really changed. Not really, I just like to appear as though I have some seniority and have viewed an era's run.

The tracks I think show what was being played in her head when she was playing them at shows. Fidelity changed from perfomance to performance. Last time I heard a live version I thought perhaps she was thinking strings and mucho plucking of them. Not entirely what I imagined, but loveable none the less.

It's good to see so many critical lashing outs. People are pssionate and this is somewhat of a change. Not a big one for me. I too got used to her live performance and bootlegs. Going back to the albums they seem like from another universe. Our protective brumstixs peeps will get used to it.

I'm looking foreward to hearing the rest of the album. Finally getting a chance to see what was playing along in her noggin while she was working them out through shows will be nice.

later days,


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