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NYC Show - 06.01.06

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Regina opened with what sounded like a hymn (in Hebrew), and then proceeded to play...

Ain't No Cover

Carbon Monoxide

Pound of Flesh


Small Town Moon

Baby Jesus

Field Below


On the Radio

Bobbing for Apples

That Time

Apres Moi


Genius Next Door

Twenty Years of Snow

"human of the year"

Ghost of Corporate Future


8th Floor

Music Box


Summer in the City


Blue Lips

Poor Little Rich Boy

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What a gorgeous show it was. Gorgeous setting, gorgeous sound, gorgeous people, and a gorgeous open bar! haha.

Unfortunatly, I wasn't able to video tape (per Regina's request) because there were 5 professional camera recording it! Apparently, the footage is going to be used for something sooner or later...

But yea, beautiful show!! My pics arent wonderful, but Ill try to post a few so you can see the settings.. Im sure others took much better photos.


The space where she performed (sooo pretty). It was cool (and kinda creepy) with the lightning flashing thru the windows. Almost surreal in a way.


That's all I can round up right now, being that its 4:30am and all. Eeker

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It was great seeing everyone at the show! This is my first time actually posting on Brumstix instead of just lurking, so that must say something for how awesome it was. I got some good pictures which I will hopefully post later (thank God for digital zoom). Regina looked amazing and it was so cool to see her in a setting like that. My friend said she had heard the Hebrew prayer Regina opened with before in Temple, but that Regina did it a "helluva lot better."

Anybody else see Nikolai from The Strokes as we were all piling out?

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The show last night was pure magic! I brought a new friend to see Regina last night and she still won't stop thanking me for introducing her to Regina's music!

She was just breathtaking last night in that setting. As much as she thinks she screwed up, it was very much in our favor because we got to hear a longer set hehe Smiler

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WOW, it looks like it was amazing! I love the mise en scène...You guys are so lucky! was the show advertised to the public at all? Or was it more like a fundraiser for a select few?

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