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Regina Covering Hallelujah.

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Many years ago I saw Leonard Cohen LIVE at The Albert Hall on his "I'm Your Man" Tour and it was very special, of course he sang the definitive "Hallelujah". Roll Eyes

I enjoy "Hallelujah" in most of its many forms but Regina's version is the first lady I have heard attempt it and she did very well. Wink

I thought Jeff Buckley's live versions were way over the top and far too melodramatic, but I enjoyed Rufus Wainwright's "Shrek" version. Cool

I have a neat version of "Chelsea Hotel" by Josh Ritter but again Regina's version is quite lovely and I agree with PC, that cello is very moving. Roll Eyes

"Love Profusion" doesn't do much for me though. Frowner

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this cover is cool but as someone said early on.. leave hallelujah alone! find another song to cover! Wink

I still prefer by far Jeff's version but I'm his fan so..

Rufus version is also brilliant just because of his great voice.. and John Cale puts it nice and slow, I like it too! I actually dislike the original by Leonard Cohen.. it kind of bores me to death.. just kind of.. Wink

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