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Today I set that latest 'Contour' picture of Regina as a desk background. My daughter gets home and says 'hey what's this Jewish stuff on your background?' Our family isn't full Jewish, but we have a big percentage ethnically. My grandfather is 100%. My mom is Norwegian and English and mixed it up a little bit down the line after him. My daughter (Madalyn) knows my Regina fanness and was just teasing me. She says: Hey, It's pretty cute though so I guess it's ok. Also teasing me. She's 15, and a fireball of sarcasm. She likes 'Fall Out Boys' & 'Cobra Starship' and music like that. (yuk) She really liked Regina until I rammed it down her throat. (There's a lesson for us all.) We don't have a smidgen of racistness in our bodies, but we do tease each other, pertending like we were sensitive to it. I think we are racist towards racists. Is that ok?

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Originally posted by Ксения:


The perfection.

ahhh YES. I saw this on tumblr and made it my new background Smiler LOVE. It's like the Mona Lisa, there is so much more to that look.


cute shirt reg!

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