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"If you make something as out of nowhere as songs – they don’t exist and then they do exist – you work on them until they feel right. And if they feel right to me, I get completely protective over them. In every way I would defend them. I would protect them from being altered. I only work towards achieving them to their full potential."

From an Austrian interview:

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Originally posted by porcupine-ologist:

^^haha, she looks like a lion. Rrrraawwrr! Big Grin

I really like those bottom three Reginaoverdose posted. Where it looks like she's in some misty, surreal land, i wonder where they were taken?...I especially like the very last one. She looks so cute!

I think in the last one she looks like a cute little fierce fairy haha does that even make sense? Either way she is so pretty always

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