post your favorite photos of regina

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Haha, I have absolutely no idea. I've been doing some searching around using the image and it's all mislabeled as being Regina. It seems like one person made the mistake and everyone followed suit. Weird.

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I really like this one for some reason. The colors.


Soooo young! (I say and then I realize I'm this young...)
I have no idea if any of these have already been posted since I couldn't open the links.

The pics on this page[]=regina+spektor&people[]=&full[]=&sort=date&date_created_before=&date_created_after=&headline[]=&city=&state=&country=&source=&object=&byline=&objects[]=&caption[]=&date_created=05.17.2006
must be from the same occasion as the one where she has a bike. These two:
And as a bonus you get a great interview that I don't know if I have read before...

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