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The Meaning Behind 11:11?

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Originally posted by Beechcraft Bonanza:

(not quite familiar with the AM/PM thing... I know it's after-/pre-, but that M? Midday?)

Technically, it's latin:

Ante Meridiem

Latin for "before midday"

Midnight to Noon

Post Meridiem

Latin for "after midday"

Noon to Midnight

This concludes your useless trivia for the day lesson.

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Thanks andreseng.

funny... I now realise that I've been occassionally wondering what it meant exactly for like 10 years... I think I knew at times, but then forgot (stoner!)

dammit! I browse wikipedia on history but not on things I could actually use?

I actually once wrote the "5pm blues" meant to be about insomnia, not knowing it actually meant 5 in the afternoon rather than 5 after midnight Confused

I can be such an airhead Wink

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