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Performance At Town Hall 9/27/06

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Well, Hi!

This is my first post here, and I'm happy to say that I'm going tomorrow night (actually tonight--its past midnight here) at Town Hall.

I am sitting in the first row of the loge, and I will be recording the show. You'll see me wearing an ugly blue plaid fedora hat (its where the microphones go!). Come by and say hello (during intermission!).

Just one thing about sharing the recording. I intend to NOT share the "two new songs" as per Regina's request. I'm not super-familiar with her material, so perhaps it would be easier if I knew the names (or working titles) of the songs.

Thanks and nice to be here!

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I was there. But in the orchestra. I need a copy of that show when and if you did it. I believe the moratorium on the "two new songs" has long since expired. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

It was a great night again. Those of you who were worried about the band playing with her, don't sweat it. She was out there on her own the majority of the time. When they did join in I thought it was very minimal, not intrusive and quite good considering it is a new adventure. I was not disappointed. Regina also seems to like the band a lot and is definitly having fun with them. To me, that's all that matters. They even attempted Your Honor. Wasn't bad for a song they obviously are still working out.

Regina received a standing ovation prior to her encore. You could see she was deeply moved by it. When she came back out for the encore she said her face was twitching from smiling so hard and for so long. We made her twitch again after the encore, a secong standing O. I was in the row in front of her family. Spoke with Mom and Dad briefly on my way out. You could see that they were moved by what was going on as well. They were beaming with pride.

Those of you going on Thursday will have a great time I'm sure!

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found this review online:

Regina Spektor @ Town Hall: Moscow on the Hudson

The mighty Regina Spektor returned to her homebase tonight after continuing to conquer the world with her witty lyrics and lush piano playing. It seems that our own little Russian red head is starting to become immensely popular with the general public. I can of like her at her popularity now -- not big enough to headline amphitheaters and too big to play small venues.

Before you know it, she'll join the ranks of other well-publicized singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan (Norah Jones can still stuff it).

The setlist:

* Ain't No Cover

* Prisoners

* The Flowers

* Small Town Moon

* Baby Jesus

* Ode to Divorce

* Pound of Flesh

* Poor Little Rich Boy

* Human of the Year

* Music Box

* The Wallet

* Baobabs

* Bobbing for Apples

* That Time

* On the Radio

* Sailor Song

* Apres Moi

* Better

* Edit

* Carbon Monoxide

* Fidelity

* Your Honor

* ENCORE:Ghost Of Corporate Future

* Us

* Samson

* Hotel Song

The Regina Spektor we find on Begin to Hope is ready to rock out and embrace guitars, strings and some drums. The results are pleasantly assuring that she won't go all out pop queen. I think it was important for her to break out of the female singer-songwriter piano genre. A whole album of piano-based, jazz, classical and cabaret music works, but a second time it wouldn't seem fresh. Songs such as "Better" and "On the Radio" has more straight forward pop sound, but they don't loose her knack for crafting involving lyrics.

Her new live show tonight builds upon the "her and the piano" concept she's displayed when I saw her open for Keane last year. The night began with her and microphone, then she did her thing that she's known for on the piano. It's a true performance from her tonight. I know she's bashful on stage, but it makes it all the more charming. She'll be heavily into a song, stop, look around, giggle to herself and then continue. Tonight, she asked if there was a cop around. When nobody came forward, she explained, "Okay then. Will the person smoking pot please stop? It's making me ill." That's awesome. Not as good as when she told a guy to "fuck off" at Radio City, but memorable.

I'm glad she mixed things up now, alternating between her on piano, her of guitar and her with a three-piece backing band. My limit for her and a piano is probably at an hour, after that, I would have gotten fidgety. She has such a wealth of material from two studio albums and her early work that it's important that it's new and exciting for her to as well as her adoring fans.

I think the reason I dig Regina and I have her in my top 5 favorite current singer-songwriters is that she can take such an ordinary occurrence or image and a complete song will come of it. "Music Box" is a playful song about somebody playing in a bath. "Bobbing for Apples" is about people fucking to her song. My first question to her if I ever interview her is what song are people fucking to.

The local gal played for almost an hour and 45 minutes, never a dull moment since her songs are snappy and not-too flowery. It easy to see why she has a strong fan base, her lyrics aren't pedestrian. You can tell she puts a lot of thought into each song.

So Regina has grown out of the local anti-folk music scene in New York and no longer needs The Strokes to tout her goods. Hopefully, she remain true to her sound and not enlist Timbaland to producer her next opus.

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I was at lastnight's show at Town Hall and it was great to see Regina live for the first time. She was soo giggly the whole night i was in the Balcony and all i could see was her smiling, pink cheeks all over, so cute.

By the way i was the black guy in the suit and tie and the Bone misfits Hoodie, i felt so over dressed coming from work. i brought my cousin to the show for her birthday she also loved it.

I waited around a little to see if Regina would have interacted with the audience a little bit, so i could have a chance to offer her out to dinner Wink... she didnt come out Frowner.

I'd also like to see a copy of the video, i hope those who see her tonight enjoy.

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