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selling stuff?

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this is what was being sold at the avalon;

Begin To Hope

Begin To Hope Bonus CD

Soviet Kitsch (i hope i spelled that right)

Live At The Bullmoose (which i bought and is great!)


no 11:!1

A shirt

A sketchbook

I got the shirt too!

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songs wasn't on sale at the chicago show.. live at bullmoose for $15, and soviet kitsch and begin to hope for $20, but no songs.

there was the female nesting dolls tank, a pink shirt with red on the front that says regina spektor/begin to hope in the that font.. which i think also had the cover of the album (her face) in inverted colors.. (or maybe the font was white.. i dont really remember) and a black shirt that just has a little badge on the top left that says 'regina spektor' with a nautical anchor in the middle. i got the black one (the manliest of the 3) and my girlfriend got the tank (for 20 a pop.)

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i am in austin tx, so i dont know what they will have on this leg of the tour, but i saw her in may in san francisco. they had

*a Journal. $10 i think

*a Red baby doll soviet kitsch shirt. $20

*a black mens begin to hope shirt with a smal anchor on the breast $20

*a white mens begin to hope shirt with the drawing of the girl on the front with the mirror. $20

*only son stuff that i dont recall really.

*the Soviet Kitsch CD

*Begin to Hope CD

*Songs CD (you can get it at if they dont have it at your show)

i hope there are more shirts to choose from on the leg, cause only one of them was made for girls. i hate buying a big shirt at shows for 20 bucks that i have to either use as a giant nightgown or cut up and resew to fit me.

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