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Town Hall 9/27 YouTube

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Sailor Song with the band = AWESOME!

I'm really impressed with how that sounded.. very cool!

I did however find Hotel Song awkward, with her standing and singing with the band behind her. It's all so new so perhaps I'll get used to it, but right now, no. Awkward. Also, I wouldn't even want to meet Regina (or anyone) in the after concert tussle that I just witnessed there. It's all rushed with others waiting for a chance to grab her attention. Very unnatural and unappealing as a situation. I'd only want to meet Regina if we could actually talk about stuff with no goons grabbing at her... You know, pick her brain about things, say more than your name, actually MEET her. Who decided that autographs were desirable anyway? Not me, because I don't get it. What's an autograph? I can scribble on a paper anytime that I want without taking up Regina's time. It's the experience that's important people, not the objects! Regina was über nice though, as per ushe. The big bouncer dude watching people from behind her made it even less relaxed of an atmosphere though. *sigh* She's a celebrity now... lost behind a figurative velvet rope.

To reiterate the important part of this post:

Sailor Song with band = WOOOOT!

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