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Our Regina art.

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After squinting super hard for 10 minutes, I found the following:

- what looks like a red bird in the tree, probably isn't. I don't even know what that would be, anyway.

- The swirly bottom part of the tree looks like a stag. Probably isn't, but you know - antlerology.

The most likely one:

- the girl's lips look blue. Is it my dumbtard monitor, or is that the answer?

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That sounded like a riddle ^^

Kandi thats an awesome picture, do you have a link to the original picture to that. I've never seen it before..

Edit: Aha!

the girl's lips look blue.

I just realised the first time I read that, I actually read it as RED Roll Eyes

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seem to be a few scattered Regina fan art topics already in the forum...this being the largest, and most recent, i will link some others.

my new regina fan art

hey one of mine is in that slide show...go figure

Regina inspired art

Regina art

this one was from the old site and the pics did not get transferred would be swell if they were re-posted...i recall some being good

fan art

more regina art

my regina spektor drawing!

my drawings of regina

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