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So, I guess people can't tape shows anymore. :(

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I just got back from the Fillmore show in SF, and they didn't let me tape the show.

I wouldn't have had a problem with just the idea of "don't tape the show" because I'm absolutely respectful whenever someone asks for it not to be taped. No sweat. I was still under the impression, having never seen anything to the contrary that taping was still allowed and encouraged, as long as we didn't share those two songs.

Unfortunately, (as usual I guess) nobody at the venue was told anyone was allowed to tape, so they had me talk to the tour manager. I guess it's a different tour manager than the last time, because I got the last one's name and had it written down for this time so I'd know who to talk to. When I did talk to the tour manager, he told me "I'll go check with her, wait right here" and then proceeded to leave me hanging for 30 minutes. When he did come back out, he wouldn't even glance in my direction. Three times. I thought it was pretty rude, but I guess you can't expect a simple "we're not allowing taping anymore, sorry" or anything. I wasn't asking for a whole lot, just a simple answer from someone on their way out or in. (if you can't manage that, i'd be scared of how well the tour can be run by a guy like that, yikes).

I don't really know what this all means, aside from the fact that despite being as polite and non-annoying as I could be, I still got completely and totally ignored.

However, I guess with Regina playing big huge rockstar venues like The Fillmore and having a huge rockstar band with her, we can't expect things to be the same forever right? (p.s. crimson, I told you she'd have a band, I guess I didn't figure this would be the end result of it, bummer eh?)

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I was afraid she would have a freaking band. That's not why I fell in love with this music. I want just her and a piano like in all the clips and whatnot I've seen. I'm really afraid this concert I'm going to in November will suck. It's my first one and I've been waiting 2-and-a-half years for her to come to Atlanta. What can you do, though, right?

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Given your knowledge of the Regina show recording history, you shoulda just recorded regardless. I severely doubt you would've been kicked out for it. Especially considering that when someone got kicked out of the recent Toronto show (which for the record was the worst crowd in history), Regina stopped playing and didn't start again until the poor soul was allowed back in.

I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't do the same for you, had someone with you shouted the predicament to her upon getting the boot (between songs of course).

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Wow, someone got kicked out of the Toronto show for recording and she stopped playing? That's cool! I wonder how she even noticed that they were kicked out? Did the person start screaming "Regina, Regina, why have you foresaken me?!"

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No No No, Fran. The Toronto-evictee was simply kicked out for reasons unknown, which Regina WAS NOT cool with at all. The reason didn't seem to matter, she wanted that person let back in, and it was really cool of her to do something about it.

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Originally posted by JohnnyC:

Especially considering that when someone got kicked out of the recent Toronto show (which for the record was the worst crowd in history), Regina stopped playing and didn't start again until the poor soul was allowed back in

Regina is so fuckin cool...

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